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Helping the development of the child at 2-3 years

nene peque

When children are between 2 and 3 years, their development is huge. They begin to imitate, to follow simple instructions, to move more and better, to talk more and to better understand their feelings and those of others. If you have a little one of these ages, then it’s a good idea to consider how you can help him improve his development.

Help him develop Here are a few simple things you can do to help your

child’s development at this age:

  • Give your child the opportunity to play with others: Playing is a great way for your child to make friends and learn how to be with other children. But do not expect to share and have shifts yet: young children think everything belongs to them.
  • Encourage everyday skills such as wearing a spoon and putting on shoes. These skills involve small and large muscle movements, as well as your child’s ability to think about what they are doing.
  • Talk to your son. Naming and talking about everyday things (body parts, toys, and household items like spoons or chairs) helps develop your child’s language skills. At this age, you can teach your child that a “chair” can be a “big chair”, a “red chair” or even a “large red chair.”
  • Make sense of your child’s conversation by listening and responding to him. If your child says ‘Mama milk’, he can answer by saying ‘Do you want Mom to bring you milk? ‘ This also makes your child feel valued and loved.
  • Read him: You can motivate your child’s speech and imagination by reading together, telling stories, singing songs and reciting children’s songs.
  • Cook a little with your child: This helps them get interested in healthy food, learn a few new words, and begin to get acquainted with mathematical concepts like ‘average’, ‘1 tsp’ or ’30 minutes’. You can give your child simple cooking activities, such as making a salad or making sandwiches.
  • When your child learns a new skill, celebrate the achievement with lots of praise and positive attention. It’s also a good idea to help and encourage your child to keep doing the things they learned, even if those things are difficult.

nene peque

Raising young children at 2-3 years

As a father, You’re always learning. It’s good to feel confident about what you know. And it’s also good to admit that you don’t know something and ask questions or get help. When you focus on caring for a child, you can forget or run out of time to take care of yourself. But taking care physically, mentally, and emotionally will help your child grow and thrive.

Sometimes you may feel frustrated, upset or overwhelmed. It’s okay to take some time until you feel calmer. Place your child in a safe place or ask someone else to take care of him for a while. Try going to another room to breathe deeply, or call a family member or friend to talk.

Never shake a little child. It can cause bleeding inside the brain and probably permanent brain damage. It’s okay to ask for help. If you are overwhelmed by the demands to care for your young child ask for professional help.

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