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HIIT routine at home: No excuses!

rutina HIIT

High intensity workouts are one of the most demanded by everyone. Most of all because with just a few minutes, we will already have a good routine done. In this case, we will do a HIIT routine at home and as we say right, without excuses, because it will hardly take you time.

If you do not want or can not go to the gym, you already have a new motivation to do at home. Depending on whether you have been training for time or not, you can also design your own HIIT routine . We leave you with an idea that you can put into practice now!

Start your HIIT routine with Jumping Jacks

Remember that it is important to stretch a little before we start fully with our routine, thus preventing future injuries. When we are already prepared or prepared then we log in with these jumps, which are known for everybody. Standing with our legs together, we will jump, open our legs and raise our arms. With the next jump, we return to the starting position, that is, we will put our legs together and lower our arms again. We will do an interval of 30 seconds and rest but not quite, but it is best to take steps in the same place, to move on to the next exercise.


can not miss and therefore, you can always enter them at the time you think convenient. As you see, they are short intervals and all very fast. But squats also have to be present in every self-respecting routine. It has numerous benefits for our body, strengthening muscles and eliminating body fat. You can make them as you well know, simple or adding some weight if you are already more experienced.


With this exercise we will be working both strength and endurance and coordination. So it is another of the most complete, since here we will be involving both arms and shoulders as the buttocks, twins, abs, etc. In addition to having all the incentions of a good cardio exercise. We start standing up to be able to make the bending on the floor, get up and take a little jump. I’m sure you can handle it! At the beginning it is true that it is always better to do it a little slowly, but gradually you will catch the right rhythm.

Strides Your

legs and buttocks are going to thank you for an exercise like this. Maybe we could also place it along with the squats. But it is one of the most common. As the name suggests, we start standing and then place a bent leg forward but always with the body straight. With this exercise you will improve flexibility and also balance, always correcting posture.


In this case, it is true that we always think about basic abs, but to work an area like this, we can also opt for so-called foot abs. Because with them we will also work the core zone. Within a HIIT routine like this, it may be another option to consider. You can help you with some elastic band, which while you stretch it, you will raise one leg and then another, bending knee. Not forgetting the obliques that should also be exercised by stretching to one side and then the other. Asian exercises for a flat stomach are also fully current. Here you can also enter some of them.

It is


that HIIT training is timed. After 30 seconds, we rest a little but without lowering the pulsations too much to continue with the next exercise. You can make several series but starting little apoco. That said, another basic exercise is to hit the air in the form of boxing. Starting with the two fists near the mouth, then move on to stretch your arms one at a time but with rhythm. Improves muscle tone as well as circulation and promotes concentration.

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