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Homemade masks to show off a skin 10

True, we are always surrounded by good products, which make every effort to take care of our skin. But today we’re going to go a little further and bet on homemade masks. Because they also want to make our skin always perfect and that’s already an advantage.

In addition, being composed of natural ingredients we also know that our skin will receive them with open arms. As a result, we will get a smoother and flawless face. What does that sound very good? Well, the great moment of getting down to work.

Homemade masks with honey to soften the skin

We rhymes and everything, but honey is one of the great ingredients for our skin. With it we can make several recipes and they are all aimed at removing fine lines, softening the face and leaving it much silkier than we have it. Therefore, one of the most demanded is the one that has a spoonful of honey, as well as two natural yogurt, one egg white and a tablespoon of lemon juice. Now we just have to mix everything very well and ready. When you have it, you need to apply it all over your face. Remember, this must be clean. After about 20 minutes, you can remove and notice the first effects.

Take care of oily skin with a perfect mask

It is true that it is not always easy to control face fat. But in this case, we will make another of the home masks you can with it and more. Of course, always with natural ingredients. To do this, you need to add three tablespoons of natural yogurt to which we will add two oats. Now it remains only to mix and spread well on the most complicated areas of the face. You know that the forehead, chin and cheekbones are the first to try it. We’ll leave her again for about 20 minutes and retreat. You’ll see how your skin looks more natural!

Give your face more light thanks to cucumber

As we also know, cucumber has endless properties and more face to the skin. One of the most important is that it is a great moisturizer, since it is composed of water and this is what will leave you in every inch of the face. So it will also calm down and give you more luminosity. So we will cut and grind a small cucumber. When we have it, we’ll mix it with a natural yogurt. As not, we will apply the mixture all over the face and you will soon notice the freshness. But still, you need to leave it about 12 minutes, and then remove.

For the driest skin

Having dry skin can also be a problem. Since we will notice it tightly and sometimes it can lead to being seen with scales. It may itch or irritate and when scratching, we will already have a problem. Hence it is always better to prevent than to regret later. In this case, we will let ourselves help by half avocado, half a banana and a spoon of honey. We will grind everything well and apply it to the face to leave it 20 minutes.

Honey and lemon for stains

If we are mentioning all the big problems of our skin, it was clear that the spots are too. They can appear for various reasons such as the sun or because of the passage of time and even for taking certain medications. But we’re going to try to say goodbye to them in a faster way. How? Well thanks to the mixture of a tablespoon of honey and another lemon. Now you know, you must apply it all over your face and leave only about 15 minutes before removing. What are you going to do first of these homemade masks?

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