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How Confinement Affects Pets

It is a complicated situation for everyone, especially with the passage of days. Confinement is thinking and not only about us but also our pets. Although it is true that you can go right with them, their routine has also changed and that is more noticeable than we can imagine.


is why we must understand, more or less, what happens in our pets. Although sometimes it is difficult to understand ourselves as trying to do the same with them. These are the consequences or ways in which they are also affected by confinement.

Higher degree of stress in pets during confinement

It happens to us and also to our pets. The truth is that when we change our habits or routines, we always notice it. Sometimes it may be for the better, but during confinement, it seems not so much. That is why an altered pace of life eventually leads to a higher level of stress and we are not only talking about people but our animals, too. All this results in that stress rises slightly and it will be noted in your behavior.

Bite or look at a fixed point for a certain time

Behavior is altered due to confinement. That’s why your stress levels will be shown in different ways. One of them is that they’ll bite and quite a lot. They can’t stand still, they and they know something is happening and being us more at home, it’s more than obvious. That’s why you have to show it and get it out, in what way?, then with bites. But not only that, but they will also stay looking at a fixed point. Like they’re about to fall asleep, but quite the opposite. Looks like they’re faster than ever.

They will not sleep what is necessary

I’m sure before all this coronavirus and confinement thing happened, your pets used to be pretty sleepy. They are qualities that are appreciated in the vast majority of animals. But now, they may not get enough rest even though they’ll have more time. Because if there are children at home, they’ll alter the order more than we think. But adults are also more aware and the pace changes for everyone, because if we sleep late, they will surely do so too. So rest and sleep will also affect them quite a lot.

Lack of exercise can affect your health

It does not have to happen immediately, but it is true that if we respect the rules imposed by the state of alarm, you can only get out to what is essential. So those long walks that we used to have with pets can not be done. This makes, even though they can breathe clean air, exercise is limited. So much so that it can trigger some health problems. So try to maintain a more balanced diet than ever before. In addition, to propose a series of games, especially by way of smell, hiding some baubles or looking for food in general, as it is a good exercise that they like and gets to tire.

More fear or aggressiveness

When it’s all over, it’s clear that even we will come out of confinement again with a certain fear. Something usual but we will have to try to overcome little by little. Well, pets don’t lag behind either. All this can have an impact on their mood and behavior. Both fear and aggressiveness can end up coming to light once we return to our daily routine. Although we should not be scared a priori, because it will not happen in every case and it will be something more transient.

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