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How many pieces of fruit can i eat a day

It is true that pieces of fruit are one of the options that we must integrate into any diet that is respecting. Because within all the foods we take there are always some that stand out more than others and in this case, fruit is one of them. We need her every day!

Because of its nutrients, its vitamins and antioxidants, but… how many can we take? Today you will discover the exact amount, although it is true that many times we get there and many others, we can exceed a little but not too much. I know as it may, you’ll discover all the secrets.

Why should we consume fruits

In case you’re not clear yet, we have to say that they have vitamins as well as minerals and antioxidants that are perfect for our body and our overall health. But in addition, they have a high fiber content and also many of them, in water. Which allows us greater hydration at every moment. In addition to all this and taking some specific examples, they do not contain calories which makes them a good treat that we can afford. So, in short, they are basic for our food.

How many pieces of fruit can i eat every day

There is not too fixed a pattern because between vegetables and fruits part of our food needs to be completed. In the case of fruits it is said that we can take about 5 a day. You can take two parts of fruits and three of vegetables, for example. Since both complement each other very well. Of course, avoid fruit juice. There are some research that points to more the quantities of fruit, but you also have to take into account the fructose they carry, which not everyone ends up doing well. Hence, the 4 or 5 pieces of fruit should not be removed from you!

Do you fattening the fruit at night?

It is one of the most repeated and clear questions, if we are talking about several pieces of fruit every day, surely one of them will take it at night. The fruit will provide the same calories regardless of the time you take it. It is true that then we will have to look at the issue of whether you feel better or worse. But here already would come the topic of fructose of each fruit in question. Therefore, it is said that after eating at noon, it is one of the best times to consume the fruit. Although, a little with breakfast and other food or snack, also with yoghurts can be a good alternative.

What are the best fruits to integrate into the diet?

On the one hand, it will depend on each one but it is true that strawberries or forest fruits such as plowing, raspberries, etc. are the most acclaimed. Perhaps because it is true that in the case of the former they have a lot of water and folic acid, and in the latter, also antioxidants. We can not forget about oranges and their vitamin C, nor about apples. It is true that maybe we should not abuse banana, but it is perfect if you are going to do a good physical exercise because it is more caloric and also has enough vitamins and minerals to take care of us.

How to take more fruit

True, some people do not reach the mentioned rations or wanting to. On the one hand, you can make a combination of natural yogurt and chop some fruits for an express snack. But if it doesn’t convince you, then opt for Macedonians or salads, to which we can also add this ingredient. Make a compote of fruits, skewers or even some natural ice cream and at least, we will introduce more fruit to our day to day.

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