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How much will your baby weigh?

beber recien nacido

Can you predict the weight of your newborn baby? There are some clues that can help you guess. But there is no way to guess the weight until the sick woman puts your baby on the scale. The average baby is born with a weight of 3 kilos and 300 grams, but they can be born more or less weight and consider themselves healthy babies.

Most newborn babies reach the world between 2 and a half kilos and 3 kilos.and a half. Less than two and a half kilos can be considered low birth weight and when they passthe 4 kilos can be considered larger than the average.

What determines birth weight?

Here are the factors that can affect your baby’s birth weight:

A baby’s weight at birth is affected by several things, many of which are beyond our control. Whether genetics or chance, some babies are born larger or smaller.

How gestational age affects birth weight

Gestational age at birth is one of the highest indicators of birth weight. A baby born on your due date will be closer to the average weight. It will be smaller if you are born earlier and bigger if you are born later. Babies continue to grow either in the womb or in the world.

A baby is considered early if he arrives before his due date. If you are born before 37 weeks of gestation (more than three weeks before), it is considered premature. The sooner a baby is born, the smaller it will be. A baby born after his due date is going to weigh more. Babies usually arrive no more than a few days late. At 42 weeks of gestation (two weeks late), it is considered post-term. If a woman has not given birth a week after her due date, she will normally be induced to avoid complications.

pies de bebe recien nacido

How family history affects weight To be born

Genetics plays a role in how much your baby will weigh. There are two ways inherited factors contribute. First, a family history of babies born small may mean that your baby will be born small. The same goes for the family history of babies born large.

Then, if people in your family or your partner tend to be tall or gourse, you can give birth to a big baby. If any of your families are full of thin or small people, that could mean your baby will be born small. Don’t be so fast as to assume you’ll have a big baby just because you’re big… Heredity leaves a mark on birth weight, but not to the same extent as gestational age.

The role of gender in birth weight

Generally male babies are born larger than girls, on average. So, if you know the gender of your baby, you have a clue about your birth weight. This is true on average for almost all ages. The only exception is the onset of female puberty. Girls mature first, so their accelerated growth begins a couple of years earlier than boys.

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