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How sport benefits to improve anxiety

Anxiety is an evil that increasingly affects people, and can occur due to specific situations or in a more generic way. The most important thing is to detect the focus that causes anxiety. We tell you how you can control it.

In these anxiety situations, we usually resort to anxiolytics that help control that state, however, it is preferable to take a more natural path before we start taking medications.

Sport, your great ally against anxiety

First of all, we need to differentiate stress from anxiety, since stressis a reaction linked to a situation or environment that is unusual or aggressive to us, and our body responds to that new situationin the form of stress.

Instead, anxiety is a much deeper feeling of insecurity and fear, and it continues over time. It is the prolongation of the feeling of stress.

It has been seen that sport is one of the best allies to solve the state of anxiety and mitigate its effects. Sport makes us release into the body endorphinshormones of happiness’ that produce us euphoria and satisfaction. Generates a sense of well-being during and after a sports training.

Disorder Anxiety, characteristics that you should know

Anxiety disorder, is a disease and probably one of the most prevalent ones in the society in which we live. Currently, anxiety or anxiety disorder is even treated as a silent epidemic because of the number of people suffering it silently or don’t even know that what they feel is anxiety.

People who suffer daily anxiety, themost everyday taskssuch as driving, going for a walk, shopping or speaking in publiccan be situations that generate a lot of stressand for them can be a real martyrdom, however, dealing with this issue with a specialist can be a very good way to deal with anxiety and improve little by little, and one of the allies during that recovery must be the practice of some sport.

Although it may seem lying and in that unwillingly situation, it may be physical exercise that you least want to do, however, exercising helps prevent and improve various health problems, and also the most characteristic symptoms of anxiety.

How to choose the best sport against anxiety

In this regard, we don’t have just a group of exercise that will help you eliminate anxiety, actually, all sports and physical activities are valid as long as you enjoy them.

However, when you have a more anxious character it can be difficult to choose the best sport for you. Anxiety can cause us demotivation and can cause us a lack of self-confidence or guilt when we fail to meet the goals we have set ourselves.

However, the satisfaction that gives us regular physical activity helps us to increase that confidence and lead our mental and physical state to a much healthier and relaxed one. That is why all the most anxious people need at least between 10 or 12 weeks of physical workouts to check the positive effects.

Keep in mind that sport should not become an obligation, but must be the means to return to self-awareness, both physically and mentally to gain confidence again.

Benefits of sport to treat anxiety

It is shown that sport brings us both physical and psychological benefits after to perform a physical activity. It improves our mood and reduces anxiety or depretion levels, and allows us to be calmer during the day.

Physical activity helps us and improves our ability in several respects:

  • As we said,sport helps the release of endorphins and this generates a sense of well-being and relief from psychic pain.
  • Doing sports keeps our mind busy on something else, so in that period of time, negative thoughts are considerably reduced and allows us to forget about worries.
  • It allows us to better manage negative emotions such as anger or anger.
  • Improves our sleep quality, sport makes us sleep without insomnia and practically jerk all night long.
  • It allows us to gain confidence in oneself.
  • Getting a better physical shapethat also affects our mental health.
  • Sport increases our social interaction, as team sports are perfect for socializing and discharging energy.

Best exercises to get rid of anxiety

We can ensure that team sports are those that require great physical effort, such as basketball, volleyball or playing padel, s on sports in which you have to socialize while disconnecting from your thoughts as they do not require much concentration.

Team sports favor to eliminate the negative energy produced by anxiety and also prevent us from getting weight and staying in good physical shape.

We can not forget other types of exercises that also allow us to find a certain relaxation and seek the perfect balance between mind and body. As are yoga and pilates exercises, two perfect techniques to recover the energy that is lost if you suffer anxiety. The breathing that is needed to perform these exercises is key to managing our feelings and improving our mood.

Finally, one of the exercises that are most recommended to eliminate anxiety disorder is swimming, it is one of the most complete sports we can play, it is ideal for releasing tension, improves our blood circulation and also takes care of our cardiovascular capacity. Swim an hour, allows you to burn energy, calories, so if you’re thinking about exercising to get rid of anxiety, don’t hesitate to try swimming at least three times a week.

If you suffer from anxiety in a more uncontrolled way, do not hesitate to go to your family doctorso that he can study your particular case and determine the best treatments for your health. Depression, anxiety or stressful situations, should not be considered lightly, they should be given the importance they deserve, because our mental health is as important as our physical health.

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