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How to arrange a good barbecue at home


It’s time to think about the most creative ways to organize the most fantastic barbecue in the history. BBQ parties are not those that consist of bright cocktails, delicious snacks and fun activities. Read on to discover some tricks on how to organize the most fantastic barbecue without reaching extremes. Whether it’s a small family barbecue party or a big party, you’re sure to find the ideas that interest you.


It is not necessary to organize a themed barbecue for others to remember for months, if not years. However, decorating a patio with some colorful and strange things can make a difference. Skip children’s balloons and streamers, and trythink about more unusual decor ideas.

Strange but delicious menu

Why not add a touch of Halloween or Christmas to your BBQ party? They all serve standard BBQ food, but you want to stand out from the crowd, right? You can also try different cuisines or experiment with those recipes you already know. Don’t forget about cocktails. The strange menu is the key to the most fantastic barbecue in history.

Good Music

When you know your guests’ musical tastes and dislikes, it’s easier to create a barbecue playlist that everyone will love. However, if you have no idea of your musical preferences, create a playlist of the most popular songs that everyone listens to today. Make sure you avoid sad songs. You don’t want your guests to feel depressed or bored.

Rewards for all

Let your guests know that everyone who looks serious or angry in some time during the holiday will receive a punishment, such as a drink or a dessert (ladies on a diet are afraid of him). People who will smile all the time will receive small gifts at the end of your barbecue party. There are many other ways to incorporate the punishment and reward system into your barbecue, so be creative.

Extravagant desserts

Generally, barbecue parties don’t have desserts. As you do not follow any rule, serving extravagant desserts is a fantastic idea. Whether you buy them or have some basic baking skills and time to create your own desserts, you’ll surprise your guests anyway.

A fun tableware

Decorate your napkins, plates, glasses and forks with fun quotes, pictures or anything you know will make the crowd smile. It’s easier to buy fun dishes, but when you have a limited budget, it won’t hurt to think a little. Create some strange tableware combinations to make it more difficult and fun for your guests to enjoy their meal.

Activities to have fun

Your menu does not have to be the center of your barbecue. Consider a number of amazing activities. Think about new and creative activities that will make your barbecue stand out.

When planning your barbecue, think further to organize the most fantastic barbecue ever. Consider strange and funny rules that your guests will need to follow, but do not overdo it. Remember, it’s about fun… not about your guests feeling uncomfortable or overstimulated.

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