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How to clean the canning jars to reuse them

Why buy new glass jars when we can reuse old canning jars? In the market we find a lot of products to help us organize our pantry or kitchen, from metal baskets to glass jars. Everyone with such a careful design that we forget we don’t need them.

Old canning jars, however, can work just like new ones. Reusing them will not only be saving money, we will also contribute to promoting a more responsible consumption. You can organize the pantry in many ways, but using these canning jars is probably the most practical.

You don’t have to reuse all the canning bottles that enter your house. The ideal is to keep boats that keep the same aesthetic and whose design you like. They can be jars of olives, nuts, jam, stew… Using jars that keep the same aesthetic will make your pantry look more tidy, a feature to take into account especially when we talk about open places and in view of everyone.

You can use these jars to store legumes, nuts, seeds,flours or foods you need to refrigerate. They will also be useful in other areas of the home: in the work space, in the children’s bedroom… They will allow you to see what they contain at a glance, which will make your life easier. Before using them, however, you need to make sure they are clean.

How to clean glass jars

Do you want to know what steps you need to take to leave the canning jars like new? We tell you the steps you should take to leave them as new. Please note that not all may be needed.

  1. Choose jars in good condition. Please make sure before reusing any jars that this is in good condition and is not damaged. Check the lid and check that when closed it is well sealed. If you are going to use them to refrigerate liquid foods or to store homemade preserves, it is essential that you close well.
  2. Scrub. Scrub both jars and lids with hot soapy water. You can also put them in the dishwasher if you find it more comfortable. Or do both if you want to make sure they look perfect at different stages of the process.
  3. Remove the label. Removing the label to clean is not always easy. If you do not want to waste time leaving your nails, lightly fill the jar with water, place the lid and dip it in a saucepan with boiling water for 5 minutes. This allows you to remove the label more easily.
  4. Remove the glue. It is very annoying that glue remains in the container; besides not being aesthetic it will make it easier for dirt to stick to the jar. To remove it completely rub the area with a wire scourer soaked in a mixture of water, soap and oil.
  5. Eliminate odors Depending on whether it contained the glass jar, it is more or less easy to completely eliminate odors. For the most rebellious there are remedies that work very well. The first is to throw baking soda when the inside of the jar is still slightly damp, close it and shake it so that it sticks to the walls and inside of the lid. Then you only have to leave it like this a few hours before washing it with soap and water. Replace the baking soda with a drizzle of vinegar and a little fat salt is the second alternative. To remove the smell of vinegar after washing, you just need to leave it open all night. When you wake up, the smell will have disappeared.

Once the jar is like new you can customize it to make its design more attractive. Painting the lids of all jars of the same color is a way to unify their aesthetics. You can also label them, transferring your own designs. How? Simply by following this tutorial.

Now that you know how to clean canning jars and customize them easily, will you start reusing the ones you already have at home to organize your pantry?

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