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How to discover an infidelity of your partner

If you suspect that your partner has been unfaithful to you, it is important to keep him on time. Maybe you find out that it’s a suspicion of you and that’s it or you can also find out that he’s really been unfaithful to you. Whatever it is, we tell you how to discover an infidelity of your partner.

Catch the lie

Some people are better than others to tell a lie, but you know your partner as well as anyone. You should be able to not only notice a difference in your body language, but also feel it in a general sense if you are not being sincere.

There are some specific indicators you can detect, but they are not exactly iron. If you detect any of these indicators, you should know that the probability that they lie is higher, but they should not necessarily be used as evidence. Without tangible evidence, this is still speculation.

Difficulty maintaining eye contact

If your partner obviously has trouble looking you in the eye, it could be because he’s hiding something. He may feel embarrassed and have difficulty coping with you under scrutiny. You can ask him to make eye contact if he is avoiding it. If you say it in a way that does not attack them in any way, you should mitigate the discomfort and tension of the situation.

For example, instead of saying, “Look me in the eye and tell me what happened,” you can let him know that you would feel much more comfortable if he looks at you directly and explains what happened because, for some reason you feel uncomfortable. This is a much more peaceful approach.

Inconsistencies in your story

If your story changes or seems to have parts that simply don’t make sense, it’s a very strong sign that they’re making it up. If he’s really lying, that doesn’t mean he was unfaithful. Wanting to protect yourself from knowing something doesn’t necessarily make them a cheating, but violates your trust.


Unusual mannerisms and nervous tics

If they are acting strangely, it’s probably a reason for it. Some people actually have a nervous tick they have when they lie. You can try this by trying to ask them something about what you know they’re going to lie if you can find anything. But it is important to consider the fact that lying confidently and being under pressure are two different things. They probably don’t stress out about a pious lie, so keep it in mind and try to find something that works well as proof.

Ask open questions


Let me give you an explanation. Don’t talk for him/her asking yes or no questions. Try to get them to tell you the story of what happened from the beginning. If parts of your story is unstable, look for more and see how they react.

Listen to your gut


If you’re lying, you can probably feel something’s wrong. This “sixth sense” is not some kind of mysterious power. It comes from noticing a number of unusual things simultaneously, some of them on a subconscious level. Your bond with your partner is so strong that your intuition will let you know when something is wrong, whether you choose to recognize it or not. It all boils down to when you have some convincing clues but there is no solid evidence.

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