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How to have a good dating profile

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When it comes to online dating, your profile is your first impression. Everyone knows that first impressions are incredibly important when it comes to finding love, so you have to make sure that your online dating profile reflects the best parts of you and your personality.

Let’s tell you some things you need to keep in mind so that in this way, you can have a successful online profile and that dates fall like rain on your head, without stopping!

Choose an attractive photo

You have the option not to post a photo, but you should definitely do it. Would you respond to someone who hasn’t posted a photo? Probably not. It is important to choose the right photo. Letit not be too artificial but it does enhance all your physical virtues.

Don’t choose a photo that is a couple of years old just because you like the way you go out, use something recent. For your main photo, you should be alone. If you post a photo of a group of girls, potential suitors won’t know who you are and what is worse, they could look more at your friends than you! Also, if you post a photo with a guy (even if he’s a friend or a brother), that could be confusing or unpleasant for potentials… so you better go out alone in the photo.

Be honest

Everyone wants to do their best when it comes to dating (online or otherwise), so it’s not uncommon for people to stretch the truth to sound better than reality… Or in some cases, they can deliberately lie, but this is never a good idea. In fact, both men and women make this mistake on all sorts of dates.

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We hide little things about ourselves that we think the other person will not like, then, more go ahead, when we are safer in the relationship, we relax and show our true colors. If the relationship is strong and the connection is real, the couple can usually overcome it.

But don’t get wrong, we’re not saying you need to go into details in your profile about all your faults and secrets. What we say is that you must represent the real self. For example, if you aspire to be a real woman who loves camping and walking on weekends to catch that sexy nature lover, but you’re actually the guy who likes to sleep and go to lunch with your friends… you won’t be starting on a good foot.

If the nature-loving man of your dreams contacts you and then discovers that you really do not want to spend your weekend in a tent, he will be disappointed and probably at least a little upset about you have not started being sincere to respect.

Don’t be negative

It’s important to be specific about what you want, but resist the need to trash ex-boyfriends or past dates on your profile. It may seem bad and negative and those are not good qualities in a potential girlfriend. Negativity when it comes to the online dating process does not go well either. Everyone knows it’s hard to find a good date online. Being positive is always the best way to start something… whatever it is.

Don’t be discouraged or stay with the first guy who calls you pretty. Be selective and don’t be frustrated if you take a long time to find that special person.

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