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How to prevent babies from rubbing their eyes

bebe que se frota los ojos

The old ones said that when your eyes itch you have to scratch with your elbows. Try to do it, you will realize that it is impossible to scratch your eyes with your elbows, why did the old ones say this then? Because the eyes do not have to be scratched, because doing so may mean that eyeballs are hurt. The same thing happens with babies.

The problem for babies when it comes to scratching their eyes is that babies are not aware that eye damage can be done when scratching. They notice a nuisance and act to try to relieve it. Next we will tell you what to do to prevent babies from rubbing their eyes.

How to prevent babies from rubbing their eyes

You may notice that your baby rubs his eyes on frequent occasions, especially if he or she feels tired and upset. To minimize scratches and other personal injury, it is helpful to prevent your little one from rubbing his eyes. This preventive stage should only last long enough for you to mature and realize that you can get hurt if you touch your face carelessly.

Cover your baby’s hands every time you think they can rub their eyes. Wear special baby gloves or baby shirts with sleeves that fold over your hands to protect against rubbing of the eyes and scratching of the face.

You can also simply lower your baby’s long-sleeved shirt over your hands to make it difficult to rub your eyes. Watch your baby for signs of fatigue and drowsiness. Yawning and rubbing your eyes are common indications that a little one needs to take a nap.

When you notice the first signs of drowsiness, put your baby to bed immediately to prevent fatigue from progressing to the point where he wants to rub his eyes. Check your baby’s eyes for signs of irritation. You may see crusts around your eyes or some dust or fluff in your eyes, which irritates your little one and makes them want to rub their eyes.

bebe que se frota los ojos

If you see a foreign object, saturate a cotton ball with cold water and gently squeeze it over the eye of your small to rinse the object. Clean any scab with a clean wipe to clean your baby’s eyes. If the irritation continues, seek your doctor’s advice to minimize rubbing of your eyes. Keep your baby’s hands away from your face gently if you want to rub their eyes. Distract your little one with a captivating toy or music to distract himself by rubbing his eyes.

With these tips you will be able to prevent your baby from rubbing his eyes. This is important because this way you will avoid getting hurt unconsciously. Babies are not aware that they can hurt themselves with their handymen, so you should be aware and use these strategies to make sure your baby is well protected from eye damage.

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