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How to prevent irritation of the mask

irritacion de la mascarilla

The truth is that keep away the irritation of the Mask is not always simple. In some cases because it is several hours of work that we must wear them and on the other, in workouts and sweating, may be some of the factors that lead to irritating the skin.

So it is not surprising that certain red spots, itching or eczema have appeared on our skin. Be that as it may, we’re going to try to treat them in the best possible way. Because masks are a basic complement and we have to live with them in the best possible way.

How should I prevent irritation of the mask

It is true that if we already have some kind of problem on the previous skin, perhaps now it will intensify a little more. But still, we’ll try to make it as little as possible. When it comes to preventing irritation of the mask, we must be clear that everything starts with a good facial cleansing. So it is always better to opt for products for sensitive skin. Since these, they’ll take full care of every inch of ours. After cleansing and drying the face well, but without scrubbing, we will apply a moisturizer. This should be done both before you leave in the mornings and when you come home and you can breathe calmly.

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What kind of remedies to use

On the one hand, we can use the Vaseline. Because as we know, it is also perfect to apply in those areas where the mask usually rubs. So preventing the skin from remaining even redder. Areas that go through the part of the nose and sometimes even behind the ears. Although there are many elastics that have a very soft touch.

A good moisturizer is also another of the great supplements to keep in mind. It is best to apply one for sensitive skin, but if not, you can also opt for one that goes with your skin. This will provide you with everything you need to take care of it and prevent her from suffering because of the mask. It is best that it always has a lighter texture and has other virtues in the form of vitamins or antioxidants.

Of course if you’re going to be out longer, then nothing like a good sunscreen. Because sometimes we focus on the part we wear covered, but it is also essential the skin that is left outdoors. Since it will be she will be exposed more directly. We don’t want ultra-violet rays to affect us, so better to always prevent.

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Opt for repair oils Without

a doubt, in the beauty are always prepared to offer us the best. Repairing oils are all those that do almost magic on our skin. Therefore, in this case they were not going to be left behind. One of them is rosehip oil that will regenerate and repair the most damaged areas. Another of the most used is argan oil, although we must not forget that the oil we have in the kitchen, olive oil is also basic. So if we don’t have any more, we can get hold of it. With just a few droplets and a good massage, we will already have everything you need for our skin.

Can I make up with a mask?

It is one of the eternal questions and yes, you can make up, but we must keep in mind that we can not apply a series of products and leave the skin breathless. So it is advisable that we forget about the base for a while and that we opt for moisturizers that do have color. So, we’ll be taking care of our skin at the same time as we correct certain imperfections with that color. And you, how are you wearing the masks?

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