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How to prevent mascara from leaving lumps on eyelashes

Mascara can not be missing when mentioning makeup. It is one of those basic and necessary plugins that we should never leave behind. But not always everything goes as beautiful as we would like. Because I’m sure it’s happened to you that lumps on the eyelashes make their appearance.

When you least expect it, there they are. Of course, it’s quite a nuisance because it can ruin your makeup in a matter of seconds. Whenever we want a really perfect makeup, these impediments come. But don’t worry because there are also remedies to avoid them, you know how?

Avoid putting on many layers of mascara

True, we want to see the longest and denser eyelashes. Because it is a way to give more depth to our makeup and with an amazing result for the eye. But the truth is that sometimes we’re making a big mistake. We shouldn’t do so many mascara passes and we should bet on one that works well with a couple of them. Remember that when you want to avoid lumps on the eyelashes, you should allow the first layer to dry before passing the second layer. Since in most cases, haste prevents us from taking this step. Also, make sure that two are enough.

Use eyelash curler

It is one of the most common accessories and we sometimes get to forget, although it should not. Because thanks to him, we will give a more curved shape to our eyelashes. This means that they already have that natural shape before passing the mask. So let’s go on, they’re ready for her. Try not to go too much product on the brush and apply the two passes of rigor. You’ll see a better result!

Apply it with ‘zig-zag’ movement

It is very easy to apply mascara, but sometimes small tricks also save us. In this case, as you know, it is best not to make a clean pass but we will make a slight movement in ‘Zig-Zag’. We will start at the base of the eyelashes and move the brush in this way until the process is finished. In addition, first it is better to raise them a little by applying the step from the inside out. This is sure to avoid lumps on the lashes easily.

Take care of mascara

In this case it is not about the eyelashes themselves, but about the mascara. This is that it needs to be kept always at room temperature. But when we see that it has dried a little, you can apply a couple of droplets of olive oil or try to heat it so that the product inside softens. In this way, when we go to apply it, it will be looser and we will avoid the dreaded lumps that we have been commenting on.

Have you removed makeup correctly?

Even if it may seem too obvious, we don’t always take him to rajatabla. We know that even if we remove makeup every night, we don’t always do it the right way. What does this tell us? That sometimes we leave certain amounts of product accumulated on the eyelashes. Yeah, because mascara doesn’t always go away at all. Therefore, we must leave the face well clean so that you receive a new makeup session as we like. Otherwise, if we find that cleaning is not perfect, lumps will appear.

Combed them and avoid lumps on the lashes

We end up with another of the steps that we also know perfectly. Nothing like combing the lashes so that the lumps disappear completely. This you will do after applying mascara, logically, and having waited for it to dry. You will take this special eyelash comb and spend it with great care. You will see how the result pleasantly surprises you!

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