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How to prevent nails from breaking

Uñas fuertes

Nails can break for many reasons, as not everyone has strong and thick nails. If you want to have long nails first you should try to take care of them so that they grow strong, preventing them from breaking, because otherwise you will always have to wear them very short. It is possible to have strong and long nails that do not break but you have to take care of them.

Nails like any other part of the body can have their specific care. Preventing them from breaking is a lot of work if our nails are thin and tend to break, but we can do a lot to keep them strong and healthy. Find out how to take care of them so they don’t break.

Find out why they break

Your nails can break for many reasons. Many times it has to do with the work we do, as manual work can lead to nails having to be short and breaking. If at work you have your nails in a humid environment can also help them soften and break more easily. In any case it is recommended to wear gloves, because this helps that both nails and hands are protected. It may also be that your problem is that your nails are weak and break at the slightest contact, which has to do with their nutrition.

Eating well

A diet in which proteins abound, which help to create hair and nails is essential. But healthy vitamins and fat are also needed. Balanced food is basic. But we can also help us with foods that have iron like lentils, since it is a mineral that can cause our hair to fall out and our nails break. Iron deficiency anemia can be detected with a simple blood test, something we can easily do, because it can be the cause of this weakness.

Take supplements

Suplementos de uñas

Normally we can find it way Easy supplements for nails and hair as a whole. They usually offer iron, minerals, vitamins and also keratin, which is the main component of both. These supplements can cover any shortcomings we have and what we don’t realize. In addition, they often make the nails grow stronger and therefore break less often.

Use oil to moisturize

Although we think that nails are tissue that does not regenerate or is not like skin, a living tissue, it does need hydration and can improve with it. We can use natural olive oil on your nails to nourish them if you notice them rough or dull. It is customary that after using enamels and other materials in them we notice them like this, because they are not nourished. The oil moisturizes them and makes them stronger. You will notice the difference if you apply oil for several weeks and do not use varnish or other product that could harm them during this time. You will see how they shine and how they are healthy and strong again.

Avoid gel

nails Gel

Uñas fuertes

nails can give the feeling that we have nails long and strong, but the truth is that our natural nails suffer a lot with this treatment. They look like the solution to broken nails but if we want to have strong natural nails is not the most recommended. Our natural nail is filed on top to apply the coats and coats of gel required for this type of nail and you spend weeks with this product on top. When removed it is seen that in many cases the natural nail is weak and damaged, so it is better to avoid them.

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