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How to prevent teenage rebellion?

novios en la adolescencia

If you are a parent of a teenager you are more than likely to have tried the bitter taste of teenage rebellion. It is common and very normal, but it is necessary to know how to take it so that conflicts that may arise become real family problems.

You may not completely avoid teen rebellion, but you can prevent it from reaching extremes, and so you should consider the following tips. They are the best way to prevent your teenager’s natural rebellion from affecting your bond too much.

Set firm but reasonable rules

For example, allow your teen’s friends to visit their place to play video games and eat pizza. But it sets a rule that the teenager cleans the room after friends leave. It establishes rules that are beneficial to everyone, rules that respect the adolescent’s newly discovered independence and that allow him to prevent things from getting out of control.

Having a conversation instead of a discussion

Implements a rule when starting a conversation rather than dictating it. Establish rules that don’t force the teenager so much that he feels pressured to try hard limits. In this way, it will be moreeasy for everyone to have a healthy conversation.

Have reasonable consequences

If the teenager violates the rule, he must have a penalty. For example, if the teenager does not clean his room after a video game party with his friends, then they can not attend the next party. Talk to your teen about how best to set the consequences so you can both rest assured.

Wish good behavior

Appreciate the times when the teenager does something right. For example, say a few good words when the teenager cleans the room on his own without being told. Happy him with a smile and words that indicate you really appreciate his efforts. Praise is the best reward, but sometimes material rewards can also be used. You can allow them to have an ice cream or buy a new dress.

mujer que se enfada con sus padres

Give your child space and privacy

It’s okay for teens to gossip on the phone with their friends and spend more time with them after school hours. If your child follows all the other rules, then it’s okay that he has time for himself. You don’t always signal these things because it can bother them and make them rebellious.

Sharing knowledge and resources

Tell teens how to get rebellious because of group pressure can have adverse results. Familiarize them with the dangers of alcohol and tobacco use by minors. Calmly explain to them how such things are not worth fighting with parents. Give the teen resources to refuse offers to smoke or drink. It will help to resist group pressure.


most important thing is to take the time to listen to your teen and listen to his perspective. They’re more likely to hear you if they feel like you value listening to them. A rebellious teenager is a cause of anxiety for his parents. You feel that there is no end to the arguments and disputes you have with them and the situation may seem desperate. But stay calm while dealing with that behavior and lay the foundation for a healthy relationship with your teen.

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