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How to reform the kitchen without spending too much

If we are going to reform something at home we always think there are two places that are going to cost us a lot more. One of them is the kitchen and the other is the bathroom, as both have pipes and other details that usually need work. However, there are ways to carry out small reforms without having to spend too much to make everything look new.

Let’s look at some ideas to reform the kitchen without spending too much. It is possible to give a new face to our kitchen if we know how, with some new details and without going crazy with the works. So we can enjoy a renovated and trendy space.

Paint the tiles

If you’ve got bored of the tiles that are usually on the front of the kitchen, you can always paint them. There are paintings of all kinds for kitchen tiles. If you want them to reflect light choose the bright ones, although satin colors are always recommended because they tire less. Matte shades make imperfections stand out. There are also some tiles that can be glued above the ones there is to create a new front, although you should look at options depending on the type of tile you have in the kitchen. If your whole kitchen has tile because it is old-fashioned, you can paint it in white, a tone that is right now trending and that serves us to create a timeless and spacious kitchen.

Paint the cabinets

The kitchen cabinets can also be painted and it is something that helps us to renovate the spaces. These cabinets can be painted in many shades. Today, grays, pastel colors or total whites are worn. It is most advisable to use a soft color that matches well with the rest of things. In any case we can use a gray or a light green. There are those who bet on strong colors, but this can get tired. On the other hand, we can also change the cabinet handles so that they have a new look. The renovation will be complete.

Change the soil

Although you may think that changing the soil requires works, the truth is that it is not so. Today you can put laminate flooring above our original floor, which is underneath without any problems. It’s a simple change and the kitchen may seem like a whole new space. If you have changed the color of the walls and also change the floor you will see how a new kitchen looks like and you will have to do no work.

Change the table and chairs

If you have an island area with stools you can also change these, but if you have a small dining room in the kitchen it may be a good time to renovate everything. You can make a nice wooden table in a simple style and choose colourful chairs if your kitchen has been decorated in basic tones to add the touch of colour. Stools can also have all kinds of styles, from a more classic to the Nordic or fashionable industrial style. Renewing these small details can change the perspective of the room.

Renew the lamps

If you want to make another kind of renovation in the kitchen you can always change the lamps. Although we may not have given too much importance to this type of detail years ago, today lamps are an important part of the style of the kitchen and any room. When choosing lamps we must think about where to put them. If we have an island above it there could be hanging lamps, a detail that catches attention.

The little details

Another thing that can be renovated in the kitchen are the small details. Add a vase with flowers to give color and joy, nice window curtains or chalkboard paint in a corner to make a coffee station. These small changes can also create a new kitchen.

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