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How to renovate the bedroom with simple ideas

If you’re looking forward to renovating your bedroom, you can do it with some simple ideas. The area where we rest should be a perfect place for us, so from time to time we have to make some change or renew your style. There are some simple ideas that can make our bedroom completely change.

Let’s see various inspirations that will help us collect ideas for changing the bedroom. It is a very important place in the home and that is why we should choose all the elements that make it up. Discover some interesting ideas.

Paint the walls in an original way

Changing the walls can be one of the first things we do to renovate the bedroom. If the color of the walls is obsolete or you no longer like it, you can paint the walls in a beautiful shade or make it in an original way. There are many ideas for your walls to stand out, but you should always use soft tones that help rest. Use ribbons to make lines and create geometric shapes, decorate with wall stickers or make a mural painted on them. The ideas are very varied and the walls can be a blank canvas for us.

Change bed linen

Bed linen is another point that we can change over time. It is usually common to have more than one duvet, various sheets, blankets and duvet covers. Ideally, buy sheets in neutral tones to match everything else. You can change the duvet cover, duvets, blankets and cushions to give a new look to your bed. It is important to use one or two colors as protagonists to avoid excess color and details.

Add mirrors

It is a great idea to add mirrors to the walls, as they make the rooms look much more spacious and increase the light in them. In addition, today you can find a large number of decorative mirrors in stores with which to decorate the corners. Look for several mirrors that have the same style and yet are different to achieve a perfect result on your walls.

Paint the furniture

Another way to renovate the bedroom with a new, more current style may be to paint your furniture. If you think they have become obsolete in their wood shade or in some color that you no longer like, you can paint them. Today there are many people who renew their furniture with a little paint. Buy primer and then give him a hand of paint in a shade such as white or beige tones. Even a light blue or a green can be interesting ideas to renew this space.

Change the headboard

The headboard of the bed can be a detail that catches a lot of attention in our bedroom. That’s why this is a piece that we could change to give it a new style. You can buy a wooden headboard made with boards to give it a more rustic look, or put one of fabric on top for a chic touch. The headboard can completely change the view we have of the style of our bed.

Change room furniture

This idea may be different and does not require buying anything, but it also gives new air to our bedroom. We mean changing the arrangement of furniture, something that makes us feel in a whole new environment. Think that perhaps the current layout is not the best, so you can change them or even delete one.

Small decorative details

In another detail we have to focus on is that we need to add small decorative details. From a vase with flowers to a beautiful jewelry box. There are many ideas but we need to think about a few details, not too many, that add value to our decor.

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