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How to take advantage of the hall

The hall area is sometimes a point of our home that we get to neglect, because we forget that it is the entrance and the first place you see of our house, a presentation area. Since we don’t spend as much time in the hall as in other areas, we usually neglect it or leave it for the end.

Let’s see some ways to get the most out of the hall to enjoy a perfect entrance that presents a cozy house. The hall is a place where we should also feel at ease and it has to be at the same time quite functional.

Increases clarity

One of the things we can do to increase the clarity and light in the lobby area is to make good use of color. Avoid shades that subtract luminosity and bet on the lightest ones such as white or yellow. You can paint the walls and ceiling so that the light is reflected in these shades. Dark colors should always be avoided because the hall is located in an area where there are usually no windows and has the disadvantage of having little clarity. Thus, with a tone like white we increase that clarity and make the hall look wider as well.

Choose a good piece of furniture for the entrance

In the hall area we should have a furniture that was functional and nice as well. You usually buy a small and narrow console, because in the hall there is not too much space to add a piece of furniture that occupies too much. These types of consoles are perfect for storing keys and leaving some things when you arrive. They also add some elegance and a more homely touch by dressing the hall with a piece of furniture. The style of this furniture can be very varied, with modernist, vintage or minimalist pieces. There are ideas for every taste but we should choose a piece of furniture that matches the style of our home.

Play with wallpaper

If you have painted most of the entrance white, you can give it a different touch with a little wallpaper. Use paper only in an area or on a wall, to give it the fun touch with a print that is eye-catching and you like. This paper can also serve to highlight the area in which the furniture is located. If you have clear shades, it does not have to darken the entrance area. You can buy a little more paper and use it to line the interior of the cabinet drawers, to give a much more original touch to everything.

Choose a good mirror

The mirror in the entrance area is essential, as it allows us to see each other before we leave. In addition, it performs other functions as it provides more light in the hall and helps to make the space look much wider. There are many types of mirrors, although if we are going to put it on the cabinet in the hall it should go in line with the style of the furniture.

Includes a coat rack

Leaving the coat in the entrance area is a classic, so we should also include a coat rack in this area. There are those who have enough space and add a piece of furniture that has a bench and coat rack to leave shoes and jackets. This piece is essential if we are also a large family, because otherwise these garments may be messy at home. There are very functional furniture in this regard or we can add a wall coat rack with several hangers if we don’t have too much space in the hall.

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