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Improve the circulation of your legs at home

Suffering from poor circulation in the legs can sometimes be annoying and painful, the most common causes why we may have poor circulation can be for genetic reasons, high cholesterol, obesity, pregnancy or bad habits.

Many people suffer from this disease, and it can cause cramps, swelling or varicose veins. If you want to recover your legs and learn to have them perfect, follow our tips.

In most cases, people who suffer poor circulation in the legs is because they have lost elasticity in their veins and lack the strength to boost fluid well, and so in the end gravity does its job and accumulates in the legs causing discomfort.

Poor circulation in the legs

Venous circulation is made from a wide network of veins whose function is to bring blood from different tissues to the heart. If we have a bad blood flow, it usually generates this pathology.

The causes of poor circulation, as we said, can be due to genetics, suffering high cholesterol, being obese, being pregnant or having harmful life habits, such as smoking, bad eating and having a sedentary life without movement. Diet is basic, because many problems and diseases that we can suffer are kept at bay if we take care of ourselves with a healthy diet.

Symptoms of poor circulation in the legs

The first thing we usually notice when we have poor circulation in the legs, is a strange heaviness, as if the legs weighed a lot. It is also normal to feel pain, tingling, or some kind of cramp.

Themost important thing is to maintain healthy habits, we must avoidsedentary lifestyle,we must exercise at least three times a week, and walk as much as we can a day. In addition, we found some basic tips to maintain proper health in our legs.

  • Direct heat on the legs should be avoided.
  • It is advisable to put your legs up.
  • There are food supplements, gels and spraysto relieve pain immediately.
  • Massages are also very good at promoting circulation.

Better habits to improve circulation

The ideal is to carry out this series of simple routines to acquire:

  • Get up every two hours and walk for at least 5 minutes, either to go to the bathroom, go to the other end of the office if you are working or get up to go drink a glass of water.
  • You should exercise regularly, at least one hour a day and three times a week.
  • Place a high pillow and keep your feet raised, more than the rest of your body.
  • You should try to drink two liters of liquids a day, it does not need to be water, you can taste it with slices of lemon or cucumber, you can also drink green tea, or make watermelon and lemon juices, beets and orange or pineapple and ginger, these combinations will help improve the circulation of the legs.

Improve circulation with food

As we anticipated, food is key to keep you healthy, there are foods that can benefit us to maintain good circulation. Here are the ones you have to focus on:

  • Garlic has an anticoagulant effect.
  • Lemon better our elasticity.
  • Black grapes and blueberrieshelp improve venous tone due to their antioxidants and vitamin C.
  • Nutsprovide omega 3 acids and are anti-inflammatory, also contain vitamin B3 that promotes circulation.
  • You can also take turmeric or c horse wave that help us maintain better health.
  • Ginger thanks to its capsaicin content, improve blood supply and controls cardiac activity.

The best exercises for the circulation of the legs

As we were saying, poor blood circulation is synonymous with swelling and muscle fatigue. The main causes of this problem have to do with sedentary lifestyle, so it is very important to maintain an active life where sport is within your daily routine.


If you want to get rid of swollen legs and want to improve circulation, we advise you to walk at least 45 minutes a day. Walking is a healthy exercise and does not jeopardize our health, it is perfect to activate the fibers of our body and provides us with greater potency in cardiovascular and respiratory issues.

Leg flexion

The exercise of flexing your legs will help you improve the circulation of the entire lower body. To do this exercise you need to lie down with your back resting on the floor, once in this position, you need to stretch your legs and alternately raise and lower them. With this exercise you will be able to notice how the blood begins to move from the feet to the waist.

Open and close your legs

To complete the previous exercise, you can add a new movement in the same position to improve blood circulation in your legs. You need to put yourself in that same position and raise your legs and keep them straight. Once so, you need to separate them and repetitively put them together.

Walking on tiptoes

This exercise is very good for improving the circulation of the legs, walking on tiptoe allows to activate the circulation of the calves and twins, one of the most important muscles of the legs. So do not stop walking on tiptoes in your spare time, you can do it when you are at home.

Bend your feet

If you are at work and you start to notice tired and heavy legs, which fall asleep or swell because of poor blood circulation, this exercise will help you wake them up.

To do this exercise, rest your feet on the floor, lift your heels as if you were on tiptoes, and then rest your feet back on the floor. Repeat the movement several times to activate circulation.

Having poor circulation in the legs can be very annoying and sometimes painful, but considering these exercises and our tips you will be able to maintain good health in your body, do not forget to take care of your diet and perform sports at least three times a week.

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