Infusions are a healthy drink that we should all add to our routines. They are made from all kinds of herbs, which makes them very valuable, as they give us the benefits of these natural plants. There are many types of infusions, especially today, and many of them are perfect to make us more beautiful thanks to their properties.

Let’s see what are the infusions you should add to your routine this winter to make you more beautiful in a simple and natural way. They are a great help and are certainly suitable for all people. You just have to choose which ones are the most beneficial for your body.

Why join infusions

Infusions have many benefits and among them is to help replenish fluids and also to make our body work better from within. When drinking infusions we drink more water simply. In addition, each infusion helps us in different aspects, since some are digestive, others relaxing, others diuretic and so on after a long etc. These infusions are also made with natural ingredients and if we don’t add sugar or sweeteners they are as healthy as drinking water, with the added properties of herbs.

Chamomile infusion

Infusion of chamomile is soothing, as it is a flower that has properties to prevent inflammation. It can be taken to make a good digestion, which helps us to have a flatter belly. But chamomile infusion which is already a great classic, can be used in other ways. If you have irritated skin you can use a cotton pad soaked in chamomile and put it on the skin to soothe it. This chamomile also serves for problems with swelling in the eyes or if they are irritated. Its soothing properties can also be used for the skin.

Infusion of green tea

This type of infusions can be taken if we want to stay younger from within. Green tea is a potent antioxidant that keeps us young fighting free radicals. In addition, green tea has certain properties that could help us lose weight, although this is not fully proven. Be that as it may, this is one of the most popular infusions thanks to its rejuvenating properties.

Horsetail infusion

The infusion of horsetail is another of the most popular infusions that we can find. This infusion serves us not to retain liquids. Fluid retention makes us feel swollen, cellulite accumulate and have worse circulation. So it’s a problem that can have quite a lot of consequences. This infusion is one of the most recommended when it comes to avoiding fluid retention, although they should not be taken more than three a day. In addition, the infusion helps to avoid hair loss, so it is highly recommended for the autumn season.

Valerian infusion

Stress is one of the great enemies of our beauty and our health. So it’s a great idea to drink a great infusion that helps us reduce daily stress. Valerian infusion is one of the most recommended, although we can also use the famous linden, which also relaxes us. If you go through a time of stress it is best to avoid coffee and drink this kind of infusions. People with stress age much earlier, so we would also be investing in our beauty.

Infusion of ginger

This infusion stands out for improving blood circulation. Another of those that are known for this purpose is that of gingko biloba. Both help us to have better circulation and avoid problems such as varicose veins or spider veins.

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