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Jealousy and Rebecca’s syndrome

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Jealousy is common in many of today’s couples. The known as Rebecca’s syndrome consists of the jealousy that a person suffers towards his partner’s ex. Such a syndrome may be due to various causes such as poor security that person has in itself or a significant lack of self-esteem.

This is a problem that should be treated as soon as possible because otherwise it can cause serious problems in the relationship.

Rebecca’s syndrome. Such a

syndrome owes its name to the famous film of the same name directed by suspense master Alfred Hitchcock. In the film jealousy plays a predominant and fundamental role. A young maid marries a millionaire and soon will begin to suffer jealousy for her husband’s previous couple. The young woman begins to feel insecure and with a significant lack of self-esteem, especially knowing that the former wife was a wonderful person and loved by everyone.

In this type of syndrome, the person who suffers is usually compared with the former or the former. The previous couple is usually prettier or smarter, something that gradually undermines the self-esteem and safety of the person suffering from such a syndrome.

The truth is that these jealousy must be treated to prevent the problem from going to much more. Otherwise, it can negatively affect the partner’s coexistence and generate continuous conflicts that end up destroying one’s relationship.

What is Rebecca’s Syndrome Because

There are a number of causes or reasons why a person may become jealous in front of his or her partner’s ex:

  • Low self-esteem and a fairly important lack of confidence .
  • The couple uses their ex to make comparisons with the person suffering from such a problem.
  • There is a similarity between the person suffering from the syndrome and his or his partner’s ex. Such similarity can be physically or emotionally.
  • The ex or the ex are present n all times in the couple’s conversations.

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How to treat Rebeca Dicho syndrome

Syndrome should be treated by a professional of the subject and avoid in this way that jealousy can provoke the end of the relationship. It is also good to follow a number of guidelines or tips to solve such a problem:

  • Both people should sit down and talk about the problem face to face.
  • The couple should at all times avoid naming their ex.
  • Help the affected person raise their self-esteem and feel much more confident.
  • Avoid comparisons with the ex or ex.

The help of the couple is essential when it comes to being able to overcome this syndrome. In addition, having a professional in the subject is key for the affected person to forget about jealousy and enjoy a healthy relationship. It is not good for the couple that jealousy is present at every moment of their lives because in the long run, it ends up destroying any kind of relationship.

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