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Keep your skin cleaner to avoid impurities

Keeping your skin clean is something that is essential, both for your health and to be able to apply cosmetics and treatments well. It is the first step and the most important, since without a clean skin we will not be able to have a skin prepared to apply for example a moisturizer.

Keeping your skin clean every day ensures that you will find it much healthier and also that we will avoid the granites and impurities that affect you so much. But there are many ways to have cleaner skin avoiding problems in it.

Morning Cleaner

When we get up one of the things we do is shower, but we should wash our face with a mild cleanser avoiding soaps that can dry the skin and cause it to have redness or fat problems. You can wash your face afterwards with a gentle face cleanser or use some other product. After this wash it is a good step to use a tonic to prepare the skin before applying moisturizers or treatments.

Use micellar water

Micellar water is a great product to clean our skin daily and is gentle on it, so it is perfect if you want to clean it several times a day without damaging it. Micellar water contains micelles that are the ones that gently trap dirt and with its aqueous composition cares and moisturizes the skin. It is perfect for oily, normal or sensitive skin, so everyone can use it. You can use it with a cotton pad on your face and remove. It has a cleansing and tonic effect at the same time, so at the same time we are saving some products and steps, which helps us to do cleaning routines in less time.

Clean your face when you get home

After a day of work our skin is subjected to pollution, dirt and stress, so it is necessary to clean it again when we get home. This moment is important because we can reapply some cream or even a mask that helps us to take care of the skin after spending the day away from home. Both pollution and tiredness can cause it to age sooner or impurities and redness come out. That’s why it’s a good idea to get it back clean and take care of it when you get home.

Removes makeup well

Removing makeup correctly daily is a very necessary thing. Although now with masks we use less makeup, there are those who still use it. Even if you only use it in the eyes it is important to remove it when you arrive home or at night, so that the skin can regenerate again and recover. It is also important how you peel out, as you should use the right products. For the eyes you have to use a two-phase makeup remover that removes all the remnants of makeup, even the one that is waterproof. For the face you can also use micellar water or a cleanser. The important thing is that there are no remnants of makeup that can create impurities on the skin.

Prepare your skin for the night

Before going to sleep we should also prepare the skin with a good cleansing. Accumulated impurities during the day are removed and the skin is prepared so that it recovers from tiredness at night. At night is when our body performs recovery tasks, hence if we rest well we have a better face. That’s why you need to clean your face well to apply the night creams then to act during the night.

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