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Keys to prepare for a perfect date

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A first date may seem overwhelming and intimidating, especially if it is a blind date or a friend agreement. But preparing for a first date can be simple and fun rather than stressful. Instead of going through a boring conversation and awkward hugs, get ready to enjoy your date, no matter what happens.

Whether you end up meeting your soul mate or not, here are some keys to getting ready for a perfect first date, every and every time you have them, you ‘ll know how to make it the best date of the year!

Dress for yourself


Choosing an outfit for the first date, it’s natural to think about the other person. While you want to be presentable and attractive, you should also feel comfortable. In other words, do not dress for him or her, dress for yourself. To feel good. This will set the tone for the whole day.

Choose a shirt you like and put on jeans with a little space to breathe. The most important thing is that you focus on choosing an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and safe. You’ll be more relaxed if you use something that represents you. Chances are that you also look fantastic with what you’re wearing.

Find your authenticity before the first date

Just as dressing for you increases confidence and ease, it also makes you act like your true self. Before you go on a first date, think about what is important to you and what your values are. This step will save you tons of headaches in the future, because knowing who you are is essential to find who you are supposed to be with. Being genuine and authentic will help you avoid wasting time with someone who doesn’t fit your interests, values and personality.

As an additional benefit, you will also be a more interesting date! People yearn for originality and are attracted to those who know exactly who they are.

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Guarantee your safety

When you organize your appointment, you have to make sure you go safe. Choose a public place to meet. Don’t let your appointment pick you up, not only because it may not be safe, but because it reduces any subsequent obligations. If you arrive separately, you can also escape a horrible first date if necessary.

Also, communicate where you are to someone you trust. Be sure to tell your mom, neighbor or best friend where you’re going, who you’re going to meet and what time. Let them know when you’ve come home safely.

Stay alert

No matter how cute your date is, stay alert all night long. If necessary, drink a cup of coffee beforehand or set a drink limit for yourself. Plan an exit strategy ahead of time, even if it’s just one that sounds legitimate half. Remember, you don’t owe anything to your date. Give yourself permission to finish an appointment ahead of time, especially if you feel uncomfortable.

If a guy asks you to enter his house, you don’t have to say yes, even if you’re interested in him. There is always a second date available to test the waters further. Don’t put your guard down or put yourself in a dangerous situation. If you want to take things easy, do it easy. If you are considering going faster, consider the pros and cons of sleeping with someone on the first date.

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