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Linen will return to play prominence this summer

Estilismos veraniegos con lino

Next summer, probably, won’t be like many of us had imagined it. But if we continue to act responsibly and manage Covid-19 we will again enjoy those small pleasures that although everyday, we are so longing for at this moment.

And it will not be a different summer than others when fashion is concerned. There will be fabrics such as linen that will return to prominence when the high temperatures do. Because this natural fabric, even though it wrinkles, is still preferred by many to create fresh and comfortable outfits for everyday wear.

Cotton and linen are two fabrics that have a great prominence in our wardrobes during the summer. Why? Because they are natural fabrics that allow us to create comfortable and fresh outfits to deal with high temperatures at that time of year.

Estilismos veraniegos con lino

Naturalness, simplicity, sobriety... linen is a fabric that we usually associate with the above qualities. Although we find in the spring-summer collections a large number of garments made from this fabric, trousers with baggy patterns, crossed dresses and blouses are probably the most popular.

Estilismos veraniegos con lino

The pants with rubber waistband in this fabric are very comfortable in summer. You can combine them with basic T-shirts, knotted tops or blouses and complete your outfits with low sandals and raffia accessories. Also crossed dresses are a great choice and suitable for all kinds of occasions, we should add.

Two-piece sets are less popular but also very interesting. Usually these are sets of trousers or midi skirts and blouses in natural or warm tones: mustards and boilers, among others. And we don’t forget about jumpsuits; those black with straps and buttons are a great choice in summer, don’t you think?

Do you like linen for the summer? What items in this fabric do you have in your closet?

Images — Andy Heart, @tenzinwoesel, @palavershop, @corporateglitter, @lai_tiffany, .of.all, @candicemtay


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