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Lip scrubs for a more beautiful smile

Getting a perfect smile depends on many factors and one of them consists in the care we do on the lips, a very sensitive area that can be easily damaged in the day to day. To have beautiful lips that extol our smile, we will have to take care of them very much and one of the steps that are essential is to exfoliate.

Lip scrubs are already quite a fact on the cosmetics market and we can find many types. They are used to avoid those hairs and skins that are so bad on the lips and that make the lipsticks do not look perfect. So take note of some of them because they are the new must-have in your beauty routines.

Why exfoliate lips

Lips have thin and sensitive skin and should also be given all kinds of care. The scrubs help us prepare them to have them well soft before applying any moisturizer or lipstick of any kind. It is the only way to show off lips with a totally uniform tone. You have to choose the type of product that we use because it should be specific for this type of skin, because the lips have a different, more sensitive skin, which flaking very easily and also irritates easily. That’s why it wouldn’t be worth any kind of scrub.

Natural scrub

One of the ideas that can be most useful when it comes to exfoliating the lips is to opt for natural scrubs. In this case we mean to make a great home scrub to get an ideal effect on the lips. You can do it with sugar and with a little olive oil. They are easy to get ingredients that we all have at home. In addition, with them you can easily create a scrub that is edible. With this mixture perform a gentle massage on the lips in circular motions. You will be able to exfoliate and moisturize your lips at the same time in a single gesture.

Lip sugar scrub Dior

If you want to raise the bar when it comes to taking care of your lips you have this product from the firm Dior. You’ll exfoliate your lips with a luxury sugar-based product that does not need rinsing and you can easily apply at any time. It has a delicious smell and also applies a certain color to the lips, which makes them perfect even if we do not apply any lipstick afterwards.

Scrub from Germaine de Capuccini

This scrub helps to leave soft lips, but it also promises us to provide a certain volume. All products in the Excel Therapy O2 line help to strengthen the skin’s defenses and activate them. It also helps to prevent aging thanks to its assets, so it is recommended to use it not only on the lips, but also on the lip contour. The end result is soft, rejuvenated and more voluminous lips, which is why it is definitely a must.

Stenders lip scrub

This scrub will like you for several reasons. One of them is that it smells like strawberry and that can come to conquer us. But it is also formulated with sugar to have that exfoliating power and shea butter, so it takes care of our lips. Shea butter is widely used when it comes to moisturizing the lips and skin of our body, making it a very popular natural ingredient in the world of cosmetics. Simply apply a little on the lips and spread it by giving a gentle massage. Then you need to gently clean the lips and apply a little moisturizer to notice the softness.

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