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Low impact cardio: benefits and exercises

Exercising is something we shouldn’t think twice. So we should always consider it as one of the routine actions within our lives. That is why inside it, will also enter the so-called low impact cardio that will favor us at many levels.

Because although we should not get carried away by his name, it can also make us burn calories, stay in shape and much more that we will discover today. Do you really want to know what it is, its benefits and all those exercises that we can put into practice? Find out!

What is low impact cardio

It is true that some training routines are usually high impact, such as running. As we know, the pulsations are fired in the blink of an eye. However, unlike these are also the so-called low-impact activities. They are all those that do not require so much effort on the part of the body. But watch out, this does not mean that they are not perfect for training and for weight loss.


just don’t have the same pace as the first ones, so it’s good to alternate both. Low-impact activities should be run a couple of times a week. Since in this way, we will avoid more injuries and let our body breathe a little. It is a perfect way to keep taking care of our cardiovascular health.

Benefits of low impact cardio

  • One of the most important benefits is that they will protect you from injuries. There are more risks of having them with high-impact exercises than with these.
  • They’ll make your body recover. When we train several days at a high pace, we always need a little relative rest. This is the one we’ll find in low-impact cardio.
  • They will improve your endurance and above all, cardiovascular.
  • Without forgetting that they also improve circulation as happens with the various sports disciplines.
  • They prepare your body so that little by little you get to high impact exercises. Since you usually stretch your body much more.

What are the exercises or disciplines that I should perform


It is one of the most complete exercises we can find. Also for all audiences and also protects or helps us against injuries. Both people with certain back problems or various muscle ailments usually go to swim with great results. Joints will suffer much less under water.

The exercise bike

True, the subject of the bicycle can be both high and low impact. But in this case we are left with that option that we will have at home, which consists simply of pedaling, forgetting about the loads. That’s why we’re going to be facing a new low-impact cardio. We won’t do so much pressure on our knees, but it’s a good cardio exercise.


Although running is high impact, walking is quite the opposite. It’s true that you’ll set the speed, but as a rule, it’s one of the most complete exercises we have. It releases stress, promotes concentration and strengthens the body in general. It also helps, like the bike, to lose those extra pounds. Just go for a walk every day, at least 40 minutes and you’ll soon notice the change.


I’m sure you know a machine like this too. Well, it’s designed to take steps, as if we climbed the stairs, but from the same point. So it is also a perfect option to move the whole body, to get toning but without moving from the site. Are you signing up?

Make rowing

To be able to tone the upper train and especially the arms, nothing like rowing. With your back straight and sitting, we will pull back the strings, it is usually a fairly recommended exercise. It will also take care of your back at the same time as your abdomen.

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