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Massimo Dutti surprises with a tribute to Brigitte Bardot

Massimo Dutti has done it again. Autumn novelties come loaded with vintage brushstrokes. But it is true that always with the help of his other part much more current. Be that as it may, autumn garments bring with them a great ally in the form of t-shirts where Brigitte Bardot is the protagonist.

Yes, because T-shirts are still going to accompany us a little more and what better than paying tribute to an actress, as well as a writer or singer such as Brigtte Bardot. A more chic touch to your clothes and of no, to your whole look. If you want to enjoy its new collection, here we leave you a few big strokes. A nod of the most special!

Brigitte Bardot in the most current Massimo Dutti shirts

As we know, one of the great icons of all time is Brigitte Bardot. As we have said, in addition to an actress, who started in the 50s, she has also been a singer and even writer. His international recognition was thanks to the film ‘And God Created Women. ‘ From there, successes would knock on your door at every step.

Despite getting some decade away from the big screen, it’s still quite a big iconor. Someone who doesn’t forget overnight. That’s why Massimo Dutti thought that at almost 86, the actress deserved to be the protagonist of one of the most successful garments in her collection. So, you can see it on basic T-shirts but in several models. Surely you will know how to combine it perfectly!

Jacket suits in the fall

That masculine air in fashion we always like, because it really favors us. Hence, jacket suits have already gone from being something exclusive to them and now they are theirs, ours and everyone. That’s why signatures are adding new options that we love. It seems that the T-shirts we mentioned earlier are allowed to combine with them, as well as with elephant paw pants.

Yes, a nod back to Brigitte Bardot and the style of yesteryear that has become main also during the last few seasons. Something that does not go out of fashion and that we will see again, and a lot during the autumn days. Do you want to get one? Now you have it really easy. You just have to choose with or without a vest and you’re done. Although another of the peculiarities is that some pants are culotte finish, which facilitates the combination of footwear that we can choose between ankle boots or high boots, if you prefer.

Blouses XXL

We can not forget that some of the most comfortable garments and that we will see the most this season, have an XXL finish. It’s not the first time it will be, but neither is the last time. As we say, comfort will fall on us, as well as softness when it comes to being with such a special blouse like this. With a large bow that falls sideways on the shoulder part. You can also combine it with wide-leg trousers or white fabric.

Dresses with prints

After spending all summer with dresses or skirts, it is also difficult to stop wearing them. It is true that this summer we don’t wear them as we used to, but without a doubt, it is another of the garments that can not be missing either. That is why Massimo Dutti also bets on dresses with prints. In this case, by one it has a series of golden chains. Which gives elegance to the look. Do you like how the new proposals of the firm come?

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