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On your Christmas table do not miss Ikea tableware and textiles

While the decoration in general always excites us, the Christmas table is one of the most frequent ideas and that can leave us more headaches. Therefore, nothing like betting on the options that Ikea leaves us this season. You’re going to love it!

Very magical options ranging from tableware to textiles and other accessories that can never be missing on a well-laid table. Even if they are a different Christmas, we’re going to put everything on our side so that they continue to have the same enthusiasm. You want to know how?

Christmas table runners in Ikea

Well, there are many ways we have to dress up our Christmas table. But you always have to start at the beginning as they say. Therefore, table runners are basic on the tablecloth. Although it is true that sometimes we leave the table naked, being an endearing party, we will cover it with some tablecloth that then, we can easily wash it. Of course, since the colors are usually between white and red, we will maintain such a combination.

So we will go on to enjoy a tablecloth in white and we will place the table runner in red on it. Since we always want the prominence to be taken by the latter. For that reason, on the one hand we have a combination of embroidery that we love and that will leave an elegant touch on any table that is self-respecting. While on the other hand, we have the classic tablecloth, but it is also one of the main ones. Thanks to it, we will be facing a red path that we can decorate with candles, centerpieces and much more.

Combine the napkins with the Christmas spirit of bottles

Because the whole table must be in the same tune, although without overloading it. That is why, after leaving the tablecloth blank and betting on a red table runner, we have another option. What do you think about placemats? In this case, Ikea has some with white finishes and a fun Santa Claus. So here you could change white for a red tablecloth.

On the other hand, nothing like combining napkins. But of course, choosing that finish or print that best goes after you have chosen the tablecloth and plates or glasses. Again, the color scheme does not leave much room. Bottles carry snowflakes, so characteristic of this season. That’s why you can fill them whenever you want. Isn’t that a good idea?


It would be nothing about a table without the trays, because as we talk about Christmas, they will surely bring in them desserts and sweets perfect for such a date. Of course, you can also place some starters while dinner is not ready. Imagination is sure to spare us and now, with ideas like that from Ikea, it will still be much simpler. If you want to enjoy the prints with Santa Claus or flowers, don’t miss them.

Complete your Christmas table decoration with lights

In addition to everything we’ve seen, nothing like betting on the most special lighting. Therefore, an LED lightcan appear in any corner. Ikea also has them available to you and as we see, in several versions. On the one hand, in the form of a garland that you can place it on the table runner or between the centerpieces. While on the other, the forms of fir trees also do not lag behind in originality. Ornaments that are added to your most endearing tables and that, in spite of everything, are sure to be a very decorated Christmas.

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