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Original shelves for wall decoration

A shelf is a “furniture made up of shelves or shelves”. A storage solution that allows us to organize small and large objects in each of the rooms. Because if we agree with anything, there is a whole world of treasures to find a place in our homes.

Among the many storage alternatives, the shelf stands as one of the favorite ones for decorating the walls. Especially when they present designs as original as those that today occupy our selection of images. If you’re looking to draw attention to one of the walls of the bedroom, living room or study, these original shelves are a great alternative.

With geometric designs

Small to medium size, geometric shelves have been designed to add personality to our walls. Square, round, hexagonal or rhombus shaped, usually have an exterior structure made of wood or metal and a limited number of shelves inside.

The geometric shelves will not provide you with a large storage space but if you can place on them as a decorative way some books, small objects or plants. They are by themselves attractive and therefore ideal for decorating the bare walls and dressing the area on the sofa or bed.

Other unique designs

Geometric shelves are very popular in interior design, but as original as these or more are shelving with animal shapes, fruits or letters. Most are found in children’s furniture catalogs but why limit ourselves to using them in these spaces? They are a great tool to give a fun point to any stay. They’ll have to talk, no doubt!

Cube-shaped modular

Modular cube-shaped shelves are not by themselves original, but they can become. This type of shelf allows us to combine different elements in order to create a custom furniture that fits our needs and it is that feature that we can take advantage of to look for an original touch.

Playing with modular shelves of different sizes and colors we can achieve original sets with which to add an original touch to the wall. Modules can usually be placed on the floor or fixed to the wall, so the possibilities are endless.


In our homes we tend to symmetry, hence including a shelf with asymmetrical shapes is an act of rebelliousness. Whether you want it or not will attract every eye, a fact that you can take advantage of it in your favor to draw attention to a particular corner of your home.

As they will go unnoticed, place your favorite items on these. But do not fill them completely; the design of these shelves is usually very attractive and letting their shapes be appreciated is the best strategy. Use them as if it were a work of art.

Ladder shape

This type of shelf borrows from the traditional staircase, which is inspired, its design and replaces the steps with shelves to provide us with useful storage space. We can find them both in metal and wood, with different sizes to suit the practical and aesthetic needs of our home.

Staircase shelves are very popular. They are simple, does not take up much space and perform two functions, one practical and another decorative. Its shelves extend to the wall on which they rest and usually have flanges to prevent objects placed on it from falling off.

All the original shelves that we propose today will help you to print personality to your hall, living room or bedroom. Choose yours not only for its design but also for the needs it needs to cover.

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