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Overcoming a divorce is not easy


Nobody told you it was going to be forever, and if they told you… they lied to you. No one knows what can happen in the future, and although marriage is fine and is a romantic idea of eternal love, the reality is that life can go a lot of turns. It is important that you be aware of this and if you have to divorce or have already done it, you can get over it as soon as possible. You deserve to live a better life.

Getting through a divorce is not easy. In fact, it can be the most challenging and frustrating experience you have ever faced in life. But the truth is that learning the lessons involved in overcoming divorce can be the most powerful lesson you’ve learned.

Surviving the divorce after 20 or 30 years of marriage

First, accept that it has happened, there is nothing wrong with you accepting it, it is life that advances! When we’ve been married 20 or 30 years, it usually takes us a while to accept the reality that our marriage is over. Most of us thought that if we did so long, we’d be good for the rest of our lives. Increasingly, that’s not the case.

After a long marriage, we know in our head he’s gone, but it takes us more time to catch up. Eventually it will, but when you have spent time, energy, love and support to someone else for so long, it is difficult to just turn it off. But you’re going to heal, it usually takes longer than we want. Be patient with the process.


You can do it


So when you ask yourself, “How can I overcome a divorce?” Remember that overcoming the divorce is entirely up to you. It’s your future and you determine what will be and what will come. And that’s a really good thing because you have the opportunity to make your life amazing and wonderful and everything else you can imagine!

That’s why don’t you close in band. Your ex no longer controls your life, it is you who has the power to move forward or to stay staking in a corner. Maybe you weren’t expecting a divorce because it came to you from improvist, or maybe you were wishing it to happen because your marriage had already exhausted love… but it’s still a process that must be overcome and passed.

At first, when you feel different emotions within yourself, do not reject them, even if they are emotions that you consider negative such as anger, anger or anger. Accept that you’re feeling it and accept that it’s normal. It is important that you realize that all emotions are necessary and that the fact that your marriage is over does not have to be the end of anything.

Because even if it seems to be the end of something, it’s actually the beginning of a new stage. A new stage where you choose how to move forward. You choose how to feel and choose everything good that happens to you. If that person is no longer in your life, it’s because he didn’t deserve you to spend more time and energy on that relationship. You deserve to be happy.

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