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Oysho presents Confortlux, a new collection to practice yoga

Colección de yoga de Oysho

We are increasingly the ones that we stop every dayto practice yoga without any another claim than to feel good. The popularity of this practice has contributed to several firms to launch exclusive collections for their practice. Oysho is one of them.

The firm recently presented Confortlux, a new collection of garments designed to do yoga. Garments that meet the few requirements required by their practice: comfort. The collection is small but includes everything you need: leggings, sports suggestors and/or t-shirts.

Garments from the Three Garments collection

take the prominence in Oysho’s Confortlux catalog. The first of them, the Confortlux leggings. High-waisted leggings made from a soft, lightweight and high elasticity fabric, providing comfort without stirring any movement. Permeable to air and moisture, these leggings keep the wearer dry and comfortable.

Colección de yoga de Oysho

The sports bra with a strappy back is the second garment with the greatest prominence. Half support, it is designed for moderate impact sports. It has mesh on the inside for breathability and removable circular cups, of a superfine material, covering the entire chest for comfort and adaptability. As the leggings it is made with a high strength and quick-drying fabric with UPF+40 sun protection.

The racerback jersey is the latest of the highlights. An alternative to the sports bra, with a round neck, straps and a beautiful cross slit detail at the back. A t-shirt long and thin enough for you to wear it inside the leggings.

All these garments that you can see in motion in the Oysho video, are suitable for yoga practice. Pendas that do not exert too much pressure on the gut or waist and with great breathability. Garments that can be washed in the washing machine at 30°C and will dry very quickly so you can wear them day after day.

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