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Routine to clean the kitchen in 15 minutes

We don’t need much time a day to keep our kitchen clean. A quarter of an hour may be enough depending on the kitchen measurements; if it is very small, you could even save a few minutes. We’re not talking about a thorough cleaning, but about maintenance, of course.

Having a cleaning routine is key to being able to do it in such a short time. If we can improvise, we’ll probably waste more time thinking where to start and what to do than cleaning. Since we don’t want that to happen, we share with you our routine, our way of cleaning the kitchen daily, in case it could help you.

Before you start

What is your kitchen like? How many things do you have about the countertops? Having a lot of things about countertops makes us waste a lot of time in their cleaning. Cleaning some empty countertops, actually, it’s a matter of seconds. Have you noticed the kitchens that appear in the decoration magazines? Although sometimes they are taken to the end all have clear countertops and thus convey a feeling of spaciousness and cleanliness.

Take advantage of the desire to reduce the time you spend cleaning your home to consider how many things you have in the kitchen that you could do without. And how many that are not for daily use could you store your cabinets and drawers. In my kitchen only the toaster, coffee maker and a container for organic waste are on the counter.

Another key to a more agile cleaning is to acquire the routine of washing dishes or putting them in the dishwasher as they are used. The sink should not be a space in which to store pots, pans or dishes. Sooner or later we’ll have to wash them and the longer we let pass the more time it will take us.

Cleaning routine

Spending a little of our time creating a daily cleaning routine for our kitchen is something we will only have to do once. Then you will never “waste time” thinking about the next step or going to look for this or that cleaning product. This is ours, but you can modify it according to your needs.

  1. Clear. To facilitate further work the first thing we need to do is clear all surfaces in the kitchen. Put the dishes in the dishwasher or sink and dirty rags into the washing machine, store the food jars and utensils in place… If your countertops are clear and you have the routine of picking things up as you use them, it will be sewing and singing.
  2. Spray. Spray the dashboard and countertops with a water and vinegar solution (not natural stone). Sprinkle baking soda on the ceramic hob and sprinkle a little vinegar on top. Let the products act while you continue with the routines.
  3. Take care of dishes and sink. Scrub the dishes and clean the sink using a scouring pad, soap and water.
  4. Sweep or vacuum. Sweep the floor in the kitchen or pass the vacuum cleaner, making it more comfortable for you. I prefer to use the broom in this routine and the vacuum cleaner -roomba- as a complement, because the first is more agile.
  5. Clean up. It’s time to clean the kitchen. With a slightly damp cloth lightens the dashboard and countertops. Do it in that order. It is often that when cleaning the dashboard dirt falls on the countertop. Then clean the ceramic hob with a soft scouring pad first -if missing – and a cloth afterwards. Dry the surfaces with a rag to finish off the job.
  6. Scrub the floor. Finally scrub the floor and ventilate to dry in the shortest possible time.

It seems a lot worse work once you internalize the routine and whenever there is a previous job, it won’t take you more than 15 minutes to clean the kitchen during the week. And as you could see without the need to use a thousand different products. Water, vinegar and baking soda are enough for their maintenance, plus a couple of cloths and a rag to rinse and dry them. Products and utensils that will not take up much space for you.

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