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Sandals with thin straps to the ankle, how to wear them?

Sandalias con tiras finas al tobillo

During the summer sandals become the option most popular to complete our outfits. Flat designs or those with a medium heel not exceeding five centimeters are, specifically, the most demanded. It is no coincidence as they are the ones that provide us with greater comfort in our day to day.

Finding sandals that suit our taste and style does not imply any difficulty. There are many different alternatives between the market, being shovel sandals and sandals with straps knotted to the ankle some of the most demanded currently. And precisely on the latter we focus today, showing you different options to incorporate them into your look.

The but The

ankle knotted sandals take on a great role in our streets during the summer. However, they are not the easiest to carry. This type of sandals tend to shorten our legs. A feature that, however, does not have to make us give up them. We can counter it. How? Choosing sandals with very thin straps in neutral tones and tying them on the ankle and/or resorting to designs with a heel.

Sandalias con tiras finas al tobillo

How to combine them?

The choice of wardrobe will also influence that small “but” to a greater or lesser extent. Flat sandals with knotted ankle straps are a great choice to complete outfits with long dresses and skirts. Now, they are not the best choice if you want to give prominence to the sandal.

Sandalias con tiras finas al tobillo

If you want this one to look completely, bet on dresses, skirts and shorts. Flat sandals in brown tones are very versatile in these cases. Also black ones, but these will draw more attention to a very white skin and this could favor the effect of short leg.

You can also combine sandals with flat straps with ankle pants with slightly baggy patterns. What is usually not flattering is to do it with midi long garments. With dresses and skirts below the knee it is always advisable to bet on sandals with a heel. They are much more flattering.

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