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Solve partner problems without breaking

pareja infiel emocionalmente

No one enters a new relationship thinking breaking is a remote possibility. You’re super excited to have this great new person in your life. They’re fun, cute, smart and, you love to kiss him. Your hormones are fluttering and you feel the butterflies in your stomach, but as it usually happens… problems may appear.

For many people, when there is a problem it seems that breaking with the couple relationship is the easiest solution, but nothing further from reality. Relationship problems are a normal part of any union. You may not believe it, but it’s true. You don’t have to let things fall apart completely. You can really change things for the better.

Think about the big picture

Yes, you’re angry with your partner because he cheated on you or because he thought about being cheating on you. Maybe he’s excluded you from his emotional life without realizing it. Or you’ve done the same thing, and it’s your boyfriend who’s going through a bad time. Whatever your problem is, you have to think about the big picture. What is more important: being right and being super stubborn, or staying together?

Blame them both

of course, people always say that you should never play the blame game when it comes to relationship problems. They claim that if you blame the other person, you will only bother them and hurt even more than they are already.they are. But you should actually blame yourself… and your boyfriend too.

If you can blame them both for the position you are now in, that will help you figure things out. That’s because you’ll be on an equal footing. The truth is, if something went wrong, you both caused it.

If you were tempted to date someone else because your boyfriend is not paying enough attention to you or does not have enough serious and emotional conversations with you, you know that you should have talked to him about what was happening a long time ago. But you’re also to blame because I wasn’t there for you enough in the first place.

ser infiel y querer volver

Have a new normal


Obviously, you want things to change so that you two may continue in each other’s life without going separate ways. But to do that and solve the problems of your relationship without breaking, you need to have a new normal. Things will no longer be as before, for better or for worse. There’s no way they can be. You both have gone through something and problems will change you, like any other experience in life.

If your new normal means committing to each other even more, moving together, or moving out of apartments if you already live together, or making an effort to try new things as a couple, then that’s amazing news.

Talk to a professional if necessary


There is nothing wrong with seeking professional help. After all, it’s your relationship that’s at stake here. If you really think that you and your boyfriend are destined to be together and that this is just a small step on the road to happiness forever, why not?

Talk to a therapist and find out what went wrong in your relationship and how to improve things. Most likely, you will be glad to have done this, and you will get some tools and tips that are super useful. It will be entirely worth the investment of your money and time.

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