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Squeeze the sale of La casita de Wendy

When you first visit the catalogue of La Casita de Wendy, you see a special attention to detail in each of your garments. Garments made to last made from sustainable materials and by people working in small workshops.

Emotional Landscapes is the name of the spring collection whose garments you can now find with important sales. A collection inspired by the emotions that arouse the landscape whose prints are a beauty as you will have time to see.

The prints

The prints designed by Tatyana and Isabel help to explain those emotions that awaken landscapes from the graphic on the garments. Mountains, flowers, birds, leaves are recurring motifs in the new collection. Although as striking as the motifs are the colors chosen for these prints. The pink/green tandem is one of our favorites.

La casita de Wendy

Not all prints in the collection are inspired by nature. You will also find geometric printsin the collection; some delicate, some bold. And collaborations cxon different artists who put their art at the service of La Casita de Wendy to create clothes as special as the Hesse dress.

La casita de Wendy

The point Knit

designs are from Monica, who is responsible for moving the graphic of the signature to that technique. At Bezzia we really like the Paysage and Sunset top, both made in Spain and 100% cotton. In addition to the Picnic top, a jersey top with plaid inspired by antique picnic tablecloths.

In addition to prints and knitwear, embroidery has a great role in the collection of La Casita de Wendy. These provide that artisanal character that seems to provide soul to clothes. We love the white organic cotton dress with embroidery on the neckline, don’t you? And the embroidered detail on the hem of the jeans.

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