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Steps to bathe your baby

One of the big doubts that any new mother has is the frequency of bathing her child. It is important to know that during the first weeks of life the entire navel area is usually cleaned with a soap sponge until the wound ends healing. From that moment you can already bathe your baby in the bathtub very carefully.

We will explain in more detail how to bathe your baby, remember that a baby does not get dirty much, but you also do not have to bathe him every day. Two or three times a week is more than enough.

Bathing your baby

Before bathing your child it is advisable to have the bath well clean and everything necessary to bathe the baby as is the case with body soap, towel or sponge. Then it is important that the water temperature is correct so that the baby feels comfortable when bathing and more things to consider.


It is advisable that the water is warm neither too cold nor very hot. You can have a thermometer on hand to know exactly what the water temperature is. Although one way to know without the need for a thermometer, is to put your elbow into the water. If you tolerate the temperature, it is that the water is perfect for your little one’s bath.

The sponge

Grab a special baby sponge and start wiping your face with it. It is necessary that the sponge is the right one, that is with a soft and special texture for babies. If you choose an adult sponge or a rough texture, you could hurt your little one’s delicate skin.

Gel and shampoo

It is also important to choose a right gel. You can not use a bath gel for adults or older children, and much less an adult shampoo. These products although for our skin may be right, for young children or babies, they may have too aggressive chemicals.

In this sense, it is essential that you choose a shampoo suitable for your hair and delicate scalp. There are special shampoos for babies and you will have to opt for them. In case your baby has cradle crust, then you’ll need to talk to your pediatrician because he will probably need to recommend a special product for washing his hair and be able to treat this common condition in infants at the same time.

On the other hand, you also need to consider the gel for your little one. As with shampoo, it is advisable to choose a body gel that is suitable for use by babies. Remember that your skin is very delicate.

The towel

Once you’ve already bathed your baby and is clean, you’ll need to take them out of the tub carefully and dry it quickly so that it won’t catch cold. Donot use a normal adult towel because they are usually quite rough.

Ideally, you opt for a soft touch towel. You can find in any childcare store, baby hooded bath towels that are ideal for drying your little one after bath time.

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