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Steps to take care of your face every morning

The morning routine is always the same. But sometimes we have to review whether those steps are precisely the right ones for every moment. The steps to care for the face can vary from person to person, as each person has their routines and manias. That’s why we’re going to see what the main steps can be to take care of your face every morning.

Daily face care is one of the things that can most affect the final appearance of the skin. This care should be done in the right way and with the right products to make it beneficial. If we’re wrong, we can even create more problems for the skin. That’s why we have to choose our routine right.

Use a good cleaner

Cleaning your face in the morning has to be one of the first gestures we make. It is important above all that the cleaning product is chosen well, in line with our skin type. We really like alternatives in pill, since they are more environmentally friendly, and if they have been made with organic ingredients, it is much better. Using only soap can dry our skin, so it is better to opt for gentle cleansers. They should be astringent on oily skin, soft for sensitive skin and with some hydration for dry and combination skin. We also have them in many formats, since we can find them in foam, soapy type, solid pills or as gel.

Another of the cleaners that is most talked about is micellar water. We like the advantages it has, as it cleanses in depth while not drying the skin and serves as a tonic. However, we have to use cotton daily, something that is less environmentally friendly, and we don’t use fresh water, something that helps us activate ourselves in the morning. But it is still a good choice for cleaning the skin.

Use a tonic to prepare the skin

The tonic is used to prepare the skin after dragging dirt. It helps us to close pores and soften the skin, moisturizing it. This way you will be in better condition to receive the creams we use. The tonic can be applied directly with your fingers and left to act on the skin. Not everyone uses it although it is recommended. In case of using micellar water we can skip this step because it already exercises this function.

Add a serum

The serum is great for improving the action of daily moisturizing cream . The serum has concentrated assets that help mitigate some skin problems. For example there are serums that focus on ending stains, others have anti-wrinkle power and others give radiance and elasticity to the skin. It is a great idea to buy a serum and use several times a week to enhance the effect of our daily creams.

Moisturizing cream for face and neck

Moisturizing cream should be a basic that we use from very early, as it will take care of the skin and prevent it from drying out. Hydration is essential to keep skin young and wrinkle-free. That’s why we should always use a moisturizer designed for our skin type. This should be applied at least twice a day and whenever we wash our face to moisturize the skin again after cleansing.

Eye contour

Finally we should not forget to use the eye contour. We need to moisturize this area using a little cream. It is important to use it in the outermost area of the contour by tapping small so that it is absorbed. Never rub, as this could cause inflammation.

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