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Styles with black trousers for summer

Estilismos con pantalones negros

And who says for summer, says also for the first day of autumn. Because the outfits we have selected today have long black pants as protagonists. Trousers made with different fabrics and varied patterns to suit different styles.

During the summer we have not stopped talking about the white color because of the protagonism that it acquires. However, betting on white does not mean forgetting the black with which it does so good tandem. Because black is also a color to take advantage of this time of year. Why not?

Black is a very easy color to match. We could combine it with any other color, however, this summer they all seem to have agreed to do it with neutral colors such as white, beige or black itself to create monocolor looks. As for colors, simplicity is the key.

Estilismos con pantalones negros

Linen trousers are a great alternative to combat heat during the summer. If you bet on a pair of pants in this fabric, combine them with shirts, camisoles and crop tops together to create monochrome outfits that you can complete with flat sandals and a raffia bag.

Estilismos con pantalones negros

Do you prefer the casual character of black jeans? Pair them with basic T-shirts and incorporate appropriate accessories and a khaki shirt or black blazer if the weather requires it. You can also combine these pants with jerseys and short cardigans a real trend!

Suit pants and other flowing pants with looser patterns are a third option. Perfect for creating outfits with which to go to work or to an event, but also to enjoy your leisure moments. Look at the images that illustrate this post and you will find different ways to combine them.

And you? Do you usually wear black pants in summer?

Images — @anoukyve, @marylawlesslee, @mija_mija, @emmahill,, @julialundinblog, @fakerstrom, @brittanybathgate, @darjabarannik


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