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Stylish sinks to add a personal touch to your kitchen

Are you going to refurbish the kitchen soon? You should know then that there are important items like the sink on which you should not skimp. Because although most kitchens are equipped with dishwashers today, the sink is still a must.

We use the sink to clean vegetables, drain and refresh the pasta, wash the bucket of organic waste and those most delicate kitchen pieces that we can’t or want to wash in the dishwasher… Its functionality is not in doubt but also its ability to improve the aesthetics of a whole kitchen. Because sinks are also part of the kitchen decor and there are stylish sinks like the ones we transform today that can bring a lot of personality to yours.

Country house style

Belfast sinksare one of the most demanded to decorate not only traditional and classic kitchens but also in contemporary ones, thanks to their new colors and new finishes. They are sinks that take on a great role in the kitchen because they are placed so that their front skirt is shown.

This type of sink is placed on a lower than normal furniture . Thus, the front side of it is at the height of the first line of drawers of the rest of the kitchen furniture. The intention is usually also to stand out on these by looking for the contrast of color between the two elements.

Ceramic sinks are the favorite for decorating both country house kitchens and those with a rustic or romantic style. They are particularly robust sinks, very resistant to scratches. But there are also modern versions in stainless steel or composite materials such as corian or silestone with a very neat design that fit perfectly in modern or contemporary kitchens.

The popularity of Belfast sinks in Spain has grown in the last decade. Until then they were rare in our kitchens and only a few firms such as Roca, Bosch, Sanindusa or Kohler distributed them in our country.

No aesthetic ruptures with the countertop

The ease of molding of composite materials such as Tectonite, Tegranite, Corian or Hi Macs has made it possible to create continuous surfaces with integrated sink that bring contemporary and avant-garde style to the kitchen.

The mixture of natural materials and acrylic resins from which these composites are created, also allows to obtain a material that is harder and resistant to temperature changes and impacts. Because they are non-porous materials and eliminate the edges, where dirt and water tend to accumulate, it also achieves an easy-to-clean and bacteria-free surface.

Black and white are the most popular colors for these stylish sinks. However, another advantage of these materials is the wide range of colors in which we can find them available as you will see in the next point.

Sinks with bold finishes or colors

Color is a fantastic tool to give a unique touch to the kitchen. Accustomed to stainless steel sinks, any sink other than this material will make our kitchen stand out. Which one to choose then?

Trends include metal sinks made of copper, brass and brushed steel. These stand out especially on countertops in matte black and white tones, which provide a unique shine. Stop the metallic finish is not our only option. As we have already mentioned above, composite materials allow us to customize the sink with the color we choose. This allows us to get a tone that contrasting with the countertop.

Decorating a kitchen can be a lot of fun but also overwhelming. Today there are so many alternatives that it can be difficult to make a decision. The budget will make the first screening for you. And among the real alternatives, factors such as functionality (size, shape and extras) or the overall aesthetics of the kitchen will be decisive when choosing your sink in style.

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