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Summer looks: white on white

Looks en blanco

White is always the protagonist during the summer. It is irrespective of the season’s own trends. Because when high temperatures break in, it becomes a great alternative to suffocate them. Bright and fresh, no other color surpasses it in popularity.

Versatile, that’s the color white. We can combine it with any other color, without exception, but also use it to create one-color stylisms. In fact the white on white outfits take on great prominence at this time of year. For testing, the 9 we have selected today.

How easy it is to create monochrome looks with white as the protagonista! Especially in spring-summer collections garments in this color are numerous. Whatever your style you can find garments from which to create outfits in line with this.

Looks en blanco

White dresses are a must-have for many during the summer. It is enough to choose a dress in our style and incorporate the right accessories. And among these raffia bags and leftovers become the most popular option. Because raffia, like white, are hopelessly associated with summer.

Looks en blanco

Whitelinen trousers are another great alternative to create relaxed looks. Combine them with crops tank tops if you’re looking for a cool and youthful option. And bet on short-sleeved saharans with belts to achieve outfits with which to go to the office or to an event.

White jeans and those made from flowy fabrics with loose patternsare also a great choice. Combined with tank tops you will achieve simple and ideal outfits for any occasion. Complete the outfits with accessories in camel tones or black if you are looking for a greater contrast

, And yes, there are many more options to complete summer looks in white. Linen shorts and blazers form a great tandem. And we should not forget about elastic knitwear, dresses and two-piece sets that fit to the body and how easy it is to combine with toe sandals.

Do you usually bet on white monocolor outfits? Do you like these summer looks?

Images — @tineandreaa, Sarah Christine, @free_thelabel, @yuliawave, @mija_mija,, Bartabac, @fashiioncarpet


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