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Television time as a family social activity with limits

familia viendo la television

Almost every household in the world is at least one television. It is a training and information apparatus that since its inception is increasingly used by all people. There are increasingly more sophisticated televisions, designed for interaction with the user and to make family social activity more enjoyable. Television time can be much more than just time.

Family television time Television

time can be turned into a family social activity. Setting a schedule every week, such as Saturday night, where the whole family watches TV together can be a great way to establish links.

Watching TV with your loved ones becomes a wonderful shared experience, which contrasts strongly with the boring loneliness you feel when watching TV alone. This method also gives children a weekly family bonding time to wait for long school days and makes watching solo television less attractive. Using specific software and products for this purpose.

Regulate the use of television

There are various software and products on the market that can self-regulate the TV and turn it off when a certain time limit is met, which saves parents tremendous time and effort from manual regulation. Some products use a chip system, similar to an arcade game, in which the child inserts a tile every time he wants to watch TV.

The token activates the TV and after a set period of time automatically turns it off. It would take another tab to turn it back on. Parents may decide to give the child a fixed amount of chips per week.

This places the responsibility for using the tokens accordingly in the child’s hands and teaches him the value of the appropriate budget. These products can be very efficient and clear, limiting the chances of the child watching TV behind the parents’ backs. The disadvantage is spending: some products arrive are quite expensive, but with good use, it may be worth the expense.

familia viendo la television

Disconnect to connect

In addition to using the To create family bond, you also need to learn how to disconnect to connect. A more primitive but nonetheless effective solution would be to disconnect the cable or TV signal during times when television is not allowed. With modern displays and cable providers available, parents can easily figure out how to temporarily disable the signal without their child having the ability to turn it back on.

The disadvantage of this method is the possibility of creating negative emotions between children and parents. Children may feel that it is not reliable enough to stay alone with television. However, the advantage of disconnecting is that you would have to find more productive forms of entertainment, such as reading books or socializing with friends.

Television can have a profound effect on growth and development during training years. The development of good television habits will improve relationships with friends, academic performance and overall well-being. It’s up to parents to help their children control their academic and social future by teaching them how to use TV in moderation. It’s a habit we should not take lightly. The future of our children depends on it.

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