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The best foods to strengthen eyesight

As we already assume, food also has an impact on our health, more than we can imagine. Therefore, if we want to maintain a good functioning of the body, we must add all the possible nutrients. In this case, strengthening eyesight is our top priority.

Most of all because we spend a lot more time in front of the screens. Whether for work or for being entertained, playing or watching social media. Be that as it may, We need to take care as much as possible our vision so we mention the best foods.

What are the best vitamins for eyesight?

Vitamin A

It is one of the large and necessary to strengthen eyesight. So it is said that when we are missing, we will notice how the eyes are drier or perhaps irritated. So in addition to helping them produce more tears it is also said of it that improves night vision. You can get it in vegetables like carrots and also in dairy products, without forgetting seafood.

Vitamin C

Of the most recognized by all. Because it is present in our diet and now more than ever. To sharpen this sense, nothing like taking vitamin C. Thus avoiding the appearance of certain problems when we have a deficit of it. So to increase it in our body, we must consume fruits that are citrus, among which oranges or lemons stand out. Not forgetting that we also have it in vegetables such as peppers or broccoli.

Vitamin E

Being an antioxidant will help protect both cells and tissues. So it is another of the vital vitamins in our body and it helps eyesight. If you like avocado, in addition to providing you with healthy fats, it will help you with vitamin E, as well as spinach. Do not forget to add a tablespoon of olive oil to your meal, because it will also give you this vitamin.

What foods to take to strengthen eyesight

  • Carrot: As we know, it is one of the great protagonists. The main reason, because it has beta-carotene. Because it helps us with night vision and will reduce or prevent cataract formation.
  • Fish: Above all, blue fish, because in this case it is the one that will give us the much-desired Omega 3, which always has to be a priority in our life. It will avoid that we have dry eyes and therefore you can choose between salmon, mackerel, sardine or tuna, among others.
  • Citrus fruits: We have already mentioned them and is that, they are another great contribution to strengthen eyesight, thanks to its vitamin C.

  • Eggs: Its proteins and minerals such as zinc are some of the reasons why eggs are also important for our eye health.
  • Nuts: Every day we need to take a small handful of nuts. Because although it is true that it has always been said about them that they are high in calories, the truth is that they have many other qualities for our body and sight. In addition to having vitamin B and E. So they will protect our eyes from eye damage.
  • Dairy: By having vitamin A, we couldn’t let them pass either. It is always better to bet on the natural ones, which are the ones that can bring the most beneficial properties to us. Both milk and yoghurts are two good sources for our sight.
  • Green leafy vegetables: Both spinach and broccoli are two of the main protagonists in this case. The first protects us from light and sun, while the second gives us good amounts of iron as well as vitamin C. Combine them in your diet!

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