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The best tricks to teach your dog

trucos para ensenar al perro

Teaching your dog is always one of the ideas that we have in mind every time we adopt. Because we like you to listen to us and learn everything you need. But it is true that not all work the same way, as we humans do. Hence, sometimes we need to use a series of tricks.

Tricks that will always be perfect for them but also for ourselves. It is that, teaching your dog can become a fun idea in which we will spend time with our pets and both, we will get a good time spent. Do you want to know what are the best tricks to put into practice?

Teaching your dog to paw

There are many essential tricks, but this one takes the first place. We know that the paw thing goes into the best options when we’re teaching a pet. That’s why we must start by teaching them to sit in front of us. You’ll help him lift his paw or make it collide with your hand. While this gesture is being done, you must say that ‘Give me the paw! ‘ You’ll have to repeat it repeatedly and every time you see that interest on his part, nothing like rewarding him. In this way, you will understand that by doing such an action, you will have a good result for him too.

trucos adiestrar perros

Getting on two legs

It’s another one of the tricks that is usually teach and have good results. You do not need to walk on your hind legs, but while sitting, you can raise the front legs and perhaps, much more comfortable. We don’t want your column to resent, so, let’s try to practice it in a simple way. First we’ll order him to sit down. I’m sure the ‘sit’ will do its good job. At first, it is better to do it near the wall, because perhaps you can not maintain the balance well. Now, the time will come when you show her the candy and lift it up to the height of her head. So your gesture will be to rise up for her too. Sometimes it’s complicated because it usually gets up with the hind legs as well. But we’ll have to insist a little more and not put the candy too high on it.

Touching an object

We know that they can touch many objects, but in this case we want to teach your dog to touch a specific object and that it can close doors, for example. It is best to get your attention. To do this, nothing like placing an object in front of it. Somebody you know might appeal to him. It remains only to wait for his reaction. If you try to touch it with your paw first, then we’re going to give it a reward because it’s the end we needed. If you touch it with your mouth, then there will be no reward, until you understand that it has to be with the paw only. After a few days with just say tap, you’ll have the action memorized.

entrenamiento canino

Roll on yourself

We must start making the dog sit down and put your paws on the floor. Then you will take her favorite treat in your hand and bring her closer to her muzzle. Trying not to get up at all times, which will lead you to move your hand back from your head and to the side you want it to move. True, perhaps not everyone will get it, because it requires a little skill. Although it is also true that when the reward is not usually given frequently but it is your favorite, the answer is certainly not expected. Which of all these tricks have you already started?

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