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The clothes to be at home this fall from Zara Home

Ropa de casa Zara Home

In the last decade firms have caused clothes to be at home it also has little to do with the one we used 10 years ago. Today it is difficult to differentiate any of these garments with those designed by any fashion firm. If not, look at the latest collection of clothing and footwear from Zara Home.

The clothes to be at homefrom the new season of Zara Home consists of different pieces. You will find pajamas in both linen and cotton fabrics and robes so you can face the coldest days. But also cotton pants, sweatshirts and sweaters that you could see on the street.

Pants, T-shirts and sweatshirts

Zara Home presents garments in this new collection with which you could also wear away from home. The black cotton trousers that in the catalog are combined with puffed sleeve t-shirts or tunics of the same color, are a clear example. But so are the long pants made of washed cotton with adjustable waist and elastic at the ankle, the T-shirts with shoulder pads and oversized sweatshirts.

Ropa de casa Zara Home

Pajamas and robes

Pajamas are items that always have a great role in these collections. At Bezzia we really liked the fluid and soft touch trousers and shirt sets, but also those with a classic fit with buttons and contrasting piped collar. Wear on these any of the robes in the collection and you’ll be ready to face the first hours of the morning or the last hours of the night.

Ropa de casa Zara Home

Whites, grays and soft shades dominate the collection. However, those looking for bold colors can find in the viscose long trousers with jacquard design of palm leaves in yellow tones a great ally. You will also find in the collection a top and a kimono with which to combine it.

House slippers

It is clear that most prefer open slippers to be at home judging by the prominence they occupy in the new collection. Felt clogs, moccasin slippers and hair designs cover a collection in which there is no room for closed sneakers.

As you can see there are many possibilities in Zara Home’s new clothing collection. In addition to the aforementioned pieces you will find some very special lingerie and knit pieces, with which to create comfortable and warm outfits to be at home.

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