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The foods that provide vitamin D the most

alimentos con vitamina D

As you know, all vitamins are needed by our body to feel good. But there are some that isn’t always so easy to get, or so we think. Because when we talk about vitamin D, we’re sure we all think the best source to fill with it is the sun, and they’re not wrong.

But still, there are many people who have a deficit of it and therefore, let’s look for the best foods that will manage to give us a high amount of it. Surely many of them, you already have them integrated into your dishes every day. Find out!

Salmon, a great source of vitamin D

One of the quintessential fish we want in our dishes is salmon. With it we can make a wide variety of menus and it is something we love. In addition to numerous minerals it also provides us with vitamin D that today is our protagonist. But it is true that we can not always afford to have salmon on the plate so you have to know that it will also serve all the blue fish such as tuna, mackerel or sardines. Although it is true that what salmon gives us, for every 100 grams, is more than 66%.

lacteos vitaminas


Dairy is another food that can’t be missing. Because if they’re not one style, they’ll be from another. I mean, there are people who don’t like milk but yoghurts or cheeses. Therefore, it is important to make our choice right, so that the food we are ingesting gives us the supply of vitamins we need. We remind you that in cheeses or dairy products more caloric like butter, there will be more vitamin D. But of course, if you don’t want kilos to be imposed on your figure, opt for skimmed versions but that highlight this vitamin.

Egg yolk

It is true that in many diets it is the whites that we take most commonly. But we’ll have to make some kind of exception in this case. Because the highest concentration of vitamin D comes from egg yolks. So taking some combined with clearer, also benefits us. In addition, they also have vitamins B12, D and K or minerals such as potassium, iron and sodium. Are you going to get lost? Another food that can not be missing in our kitchen and is that, creations can also be endless with them, from first courses to desserts.


Mushrooms with a high amount of vitamin D

Other The best companions we have are mushrooms. Because with prawns or chicken they always come great. Of course, to your imagination we leave many other creations of dishes. What interests us is that it also has this vitamin. It is said that for 100 grams we offer about 30 grams, which makes it also another of the most recommended. Some say that a while before consuming them, you can put them a little in the sun to get more vitamin D, will that be true? Nothing’s going to happen to prove.

Chicken or beef liver

It is true that in this case it is not that it is a favorite dish for many or many, but it should also be noted that it has our vitamin today. But there are many others who sometimes prepare it onions or roast and are dishes to suck your fingers. Be that as it may, it also adds a high amount of vitamin D, so if you like it and want to change the menu someday a week, it is a good choice. Now that winter comes, we need this vitamin more than ever!

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