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The importance of the family as a preventive measure for bullying

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Bullying is a scourge of this society that must be avoided and put an end quickly. The role of the family and the education that the child receives within it is key to preventing such bullying in school. Parents should raise and educate their children in a correct and proper way and avoid inappropriate behavior.

There are a number of values that should be learned by any child , such as respect, empathy or affection towards other children. In this way, the child will be able to resolve any kind of conflict or problem in a peaceful manner without employing other inadmissible tools such as violence.

Home Education

There are a number of aspects that must be present when educating a child and in this way prevent potential harassment in school:

  • Parents must respond to any kind of need that children have.
  • Parents love and affection towards childrenmust always be present in family relations.
  • Parents should teach children to resolve conflicts in a positive and peaceful manner.
  • Any behavior or behavior must have its consequences.
  • Teaching to empathize is key when the child can put on other children’s skin.
  • What is taught within the family is essential when it comes to preventing potential bullying, as children often extrapolate what they lived at home to school.

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The importance of attachment in preventing bullying

The figure of attachment is key to avoiding possible cases of harassment. If a child feels confident and safe thanks to the education received at home, he will smoothly refuse everything that surrounds bullying. If on the contrary, in your family there is nothing attachment and love shines by your absence, it is likely that you will develop certain violent behaviors that lead to bullying.

There are a number of risk factors that can occur within the family that can favor bullying among children:

  • Attachment and affection between different family members are shining by their absence. There is no love or love that will favor bullying in schools.
  • Violent behavior within the family home. If a child sees violence at home at all times, it is normal for a child to use violence at school when solving certain problems.
  • Inadequate education in respect and compliance with standards.
  • Parents preferably use inadequate methods in the education of children. Authority is present at all times and there is a great lack of communication.

These risk factors are quite dangerous as children often mimic what they see at home. Parents should be good models for their children, so they must convey good values. Education is key and essential when it comes to avoiding behaviors and behaviors as denouncable as in the case of bullying.

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