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The keys to caring for cardiovascular health

It is a striking fact that cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in the world, something that is currently aggravated by problems such as obesity or poor diet with processed products. There are many things we can do to take care of cardiovascular health.

Cardiovascular diseases can have their origin in different parts of the cardiovascular system and symptoms are very varied. It is important to take care of our heart to avoid serious health problems and with them we mean having a healthy lifestyle.

Some symptoms

Cardiovascular problems have various symptoms that need to be taken into account. Chest pain is one of the most significant in the case of having angina pectoris or myocardial infarction. In case of infarction appears and does not leave and in case of angina appear with exertion and is relieved at rest. In many cases pain radiates to the left arm. Another thing that can be felt is the feeling of fatigue and shortness of breath. Palpitations, with a feeling of abnormal heartbeat, dizziness and loss of consciousness may be other symptoms to consider. In men there is a higher incidence, especially from 45 years and in women at later ages due to the protection of female hormones, although we can also be more likely if there is a history in our family.

High voltage

One of the things that can feel worse to our cardiovascular system is to have high stress. Hypertension increases blood flow resistance and causes an increased risk of cardiovascular accident. Voltage controls should be performed and guidelines should be followed so that this does not increase.

Avoiding obesity

Obesity is one of the main problems facing humanity today, with all its consequences. One of them is the increased risk of cardiovascular accidents, circulation problems and a long etcetera. Avoiding obesity is very necessary because it is a problem that has many consequences. For this we must lead a healthy life in which we reduce harmful foods with many sugars and saturated fats, taking fruits, vegetables, natural foods, lean proteins and complex carbohydrates. Health is always in balance.

Sedentary life

Sedentary life is something to be avoided at all costs, as it increases the risk of being overweight and obesity and makes our body less agile, flexible and has less cardiopulmonary capacity. For these reasons, the cardiovascular system is also weakened, so finally we find a weak heart that does not withstand efforts, with high tension and overweight and all of them are factors that directly increase our chances of suffering a heart problem. So you have to consider doing sports several times a week, even if it’s just walking more than half an hour a day.

Quit smoking

Tobacco is another of those factors that we can avoid with our will and that really have a lot to do with the problem of suffering a heart attack or other cardiovascular accident. The nicotine and carbon monoxide taken increase the risk in the cardiovascular system, not to mention that they hinder blood circulation and increase the risk of lung or mouth cancer. Without a doubt, leading a healthy lifestyle avoiding tobacco can help us a lot to avoid a large number of diseases and problems that are aggravated with age.

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