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The most used beauty products in times of pandemic

It is true that we are trying to return, little by little, to our new normal. But we must also recognize that it is not being easy for anyone or even for our skin. That is why the beauty products we use most have changed slightly and today we will see what it is.

True, we have always taken care of the skin and a lot. Because seeing it healthy, free of expression lines and totally hydrated is always something we are looking for. But now, with the use of the mask, we need somewhat more specific products like these. Which ones do you use of all of them?

Creams with hyaluronic acid

It is true that these types of creams are basic to talk about a well-groomed skin and above all, wrinkle-free. Therefore, they could not miss our selection today. The truth is that after the confinement and every day having to wear the mask, the skin is losing its hydration. Hence, we must continue to take care of her, and even a little more than before. With creams that have this ingredient, we will already be in good hands. Because it has a high capacity of hydration, more than other basic ones and also, it gives us luminosity and we will return smoothness. There is no need to spend a grassland on them, as there are some at fairly economical prices and with good results.

Vitamins C and D, not forgetting sun protection

There are very complete products and of course sunscreen creams are. Because even if it is not summer, we must always go out with a compound that has such protection in addition to vitamins C and D that are always basic to regenerate our skin and provide it with all the nutrients. Now more than ever, having the mask more hours, they are really basic products. Hence when it comes to buying, we have to fix all these ingredients and older, that have antioxidants.


In addition to creams, also among beauty products we were not going to forget about the eyeliner. Since now we go with the masks, at least we can highlight the eyes. Because the gaze is always one of the great protagonists of our lives. That is why the outlines now take the road hard. From the basic black color and the ‘cat eye’ to the most striking ones that blend in vibrant and neon tones. You can give it the finish that you like best, but it is true that the eyes are quite marked this season.

Beauty products, mask ‘bay doll’

Wearing doll-style eyelashes is something that has been trending on numerous occasions. That’s why he’s coming back to us now. Because again we have to mention that beauty products are focusing on the look. After all lips remained hidden, shadows and eyelashes, triumph. In this case, you can add a touch of mascara that gives the doll look to your eyes. In which the eyelashes are positioned rather long and thick. Bet on products with vitamin-filled formulas, that give the necessary nutrients to our eyelashes.

Shades of all colors

It is true that this season the metallic shadows will be worn but in general, all those that leave that trace of intense color and even more striking shine. This is because again we are giving the prominence to the look. Don’t forget to bet on smokey eyes when the occasion requires it. But meanwhile, brown tones and finishes with a little shine will always look more than perfect in your look. Because the new normal leads us to talk about a makeup with a mask but that doesn’t have to be boring.

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