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The white shirt, a basic also in summer

Looks con camisa blanca

The white shirt is for many a basic. A garment to be used regularly throughout the year. Yes, also in summer despite the long sleeves of the most basic and popular designs. And there are many reasons for this although it is undoubtedly its versatility that has the most weight.

It is very easy to adapt a white shirt to a summer styling. We can combine it with linen pants to achieve a relaxed and fresh combination, with a satin skirt thus achieving a perfect balance between masculine and feminine… There is endless possibilities.

The basic white shirt is the most versatile of all. These shirts usually made of cotton with straight cut and long sleeves, have been part of our wardrobe for decades. They can be used both in winter and summer, as you can see in the pictures below.

Looks con camisa blanca

They are a great choice to complete versatile casual looks next to trousers in white, beige, sand or camel tones. You can use them as you would in winter or pick up their sleeves below the elbow to give them a more summery air.

Looks con camisa blanca

You can also combine white shirts with hip-tight skirts such as satin skirt of satin that Rebecca wears in the upper image. In these cases it is usual to tie the shirt to the waist, another way to give it a more summery air. When you don’t want to put your shirt inside but want to chew your waist, this is a good way to achieve it.

In addition to the basic shirts you will find in the fashion collections others with oversize cut, puffy sleeves or embroidery. White cmiasas like any other garment adapt every season to the trends. We achieve a very versatile and current garment at the same time.

And you? Do you turn to the white shirt frequently?

Images — @zinafashionvibe, @charuel_official, @isabelcamposr, @peline_g,, @chloehelenmiles, @lookfortime, @bartabacmode


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